Wonderful, unique (and sometimes a little strange) weddings

The Wedding Guru's are always on the lookout for really different ideas particularly when it comes to bride styles. Every person is different and has their own unique style, but sometimes, every now and again one will come along that is really out there. We were astonished when we came across 42 year old Elaine Davidson’s wedding photos. 

Elaine is known as the world’s most pierced woman today. She has a total of 6,925 piercings, 192 of which are on her face and 1500 which are internal.

While Elaine's 'extreme' look is definitely not for everyone, her groom clearly sees past all of the piercings and paint to find a woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Elaine made the Guinness Book of Records in 2000 explaining ‘I don’t really like getting pierced... but I suffer for my art’. She does not remove any of her piercings; she even sleeps with every last one in place at night.

Elaine was accompanied to a registry office in her home town of Edinburgh wearing a white gown as well as pink and white flowers and accessories around her hair.

Along with her trademark piercings all in place she also painted green, yellow and blue paint markings on her face.

Her husband, Douglas Watson, who appears to be exceptionally plain in comparison with no visible piercings, was dressed for the 35-minute ceremony in a dark blue suit with a blue shirt and tie.

While it is easy to be a little shocked by Elaine's look, we really wanted to share this with you and remind everyone that it's YOUR special day and you should have it ANY way that you choose.

The Wedding Gurus