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By Julie Ndagire

Bridesmaids dresses differ according to what the bride wants or the bridesmaids want. One can opt for gowns, Short bridesmaids dresses or they can mix up gowns and short dresses. The choice of bridesmaids dresses to put on and the colour is largely determined by the bride. 

Maroon Bridesmaids Dresses 

Bridesmaids in Purple Dresses
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Blue Bridesmaids Dresses

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Week 15 - The Seven Steps (Hindu)

Welcome to week 15 in our ’52 Rituals/Traditions in 52 Weeks’

A Hindu ceremony, in most cases is quite extravagant and beautiful. It incorporates many different rituals and traditions and is often filled with chanting and Sanskrit blessings that began in a time long ago. This ceremony is known as 'samskara' and in India, it can last days or even weeks.

A Hindu ceremony performed in the Western parts of the world are usually a little less extravagant and last at least two hours.

The central component of a Hindu wedding ceremony  is 'Saptapadi', also called the 'Seven Steps'.

In this ritual the bride’s sari is tied to the groom’s clothing (kurta), or a sari shawl may be draped from his shoulder to her sari. He then takes her, linking his pinky finger with hers and leads her in seven steps around the fire.

While this is taking place the priest or officiant chants the seven blessings or vows for a strong union. These are adapted her in English from the Hindu ceremony:

1. May this couple be blessed with an abundance of resources and comforts, and be helpful to one another in all ways.

2. May this couple be strong and complement one another.

3. May this couple be blessed with prosperity and riches on all levels.

4. May this couple be eternally happy.

5. May this couple be blessed with a happy family life.

6. May this couple live in perfect harmony… true to their personal values and their joint promises.

7. May this couple always be the best of friends.

With each step, they throw small bits of puffed rice into the fire, representing prosperity in their new life together. The action of walking around the fire indicates that they agree to these seven blessings. This is considered the most important part of the ceremony as it seals the bond forever.

A simple and easy way to adapt this into contemporary civil marriage ceremony is to light a traditional fire, or use a large candle or pot of fire that can be placed on a small table beside the bride and groom.

The bride and groom can then take seven steps around the table while the seven blessings are spoken in English.  They can still throw the rice into the fire if using a pot or something large enough.

You do not have to be Hindu to use a ritual such as the Seven Steps in your ceremony. Rituals and Traditions are becoming ever popular with couples all over the world and it is at times difficult to find a ritual that truly means something to you. Explore all of the options and don’t be afraid to incorporate something quite different and unique. It will definitely make your ceremony memorable. As long as you stay respectful to the culture the ritual belongs with the use of it, then it makes for a beautiful experience for all.

The Wedding Gurus xx

Black and Crystal Earrings | Black Chandelier Crystal

Black and Crystal Earrings. Probably the foremost unusual diamond color is black. Black gemstones are living an extended time, it is basically within the past few years that they have grown to be fashionable as a results of intense promoting & promotion campaigns. Black is a basic color & because of this it are often combined with any color you wear. you'll be able to placed on a black diamond earring to any kind of robe & clothing. Black is certainly in trend nowadays & it is going to forever be.

Black Chandelier Crystal

Diamond earrings are elegant & stylish earrings that every & any girl likes to wear. These earrings are in every of the foremost common picks of knickknack lately. These diamonds are precious & high-priced therefore it is crucial that you maintain them fastidiously. they are an everlasting part of women's jewellery assortment.

These black earrings actually are a classy fashion accent for females & males conjointly. These diamonds are rare & since of this they cost different additional common diamonds. On the opposite hand they are value to take a position in attributable to their weird beauty. A black diamond earring are often worn by someone, irrespective of on their age, skin color or general physical look.

black chandelier earrings

Black diamonds are not black, they solely appear to be black to us. this is often the consequence of the mineral inclusions within these gemstones. Common diamonds accommodates crystal, however black diamonds have plenty of crystals in them.

Like any different earrings black diamond earrings are available numerous designs like studs, hoops, drops & spherical. The round, faceted diamonds are placed safely in four-prong basket settings & introduced on posts with friction backside closures. Hoop earrings with these gemstones are appropriate for little black dresses. Drop earring variants are sometimes most well-liked because they have additional motion than hoops or studs.

Birthstone Earrings | Birthstone Earrings for Women

Birthstone Earrings. Birthstone earrings will generate for a special gift for any special day. Earrings and alternative jewellery are common gift things however to connect a birthstone to it offers symbolic weight to the jewels. every gemstone is believed to draw a specific set of charms to the wearer.

Birthstone Earrings for Women

Gems are revered even long before this owing to their exquisiteness and rarity; every kind was appropriated different sets of mystic properties. The history of gems and its mystical worth has been goodbye jogging that the first attributes appointed to every gem has become diversified and different across cultures. As an example, there is a distinction within the special powers and months related to gems within the ancient list from Poland, and within the stylish set utilized in America.

Wearing of birthstones is assumed to possess started in Poland within the fifteenth century. because of the powers of gems were associated to months, rich Europeans of olden times wore different gems for every corresponding month. it had been within the eighteenth century that folks began to wear gemstones as birthstones or lucky charms for his or her birth month.

birthstone stud earrings

Today, there is a typical list of what charms every gem holds for a specific birth month as formulated by the Jewelers of America. whether or not or not the charms in it are literally true, the thought and which means every gem brings is sweet to induce person's sentiment across. as an example, giving opal birthstone earrings carries a would like for the recipient to be shielded from disease and diseases.

Big Hoop Earrings | Big Hoop Earrings for Women

Big Hoop Earrings. Sure , at someday this year folks are aiming to see everybody flamboyantly sporting these exquisitely designed fashion hoop earrings. Definitely, there is lots of numerous forms of hoop earrings sold in stores or is essentially bought on-line. These could come back from totally different sizes starting from small hoops to large hoops. As a matter of reality, hoops are even getting used in another things apart from earrings. Also, the foremost fascinating reality would love to understand is that hoop earrings don't seem to be completely employed by women, however they'll be employed by each sexes. Then again, the lads usually wear the smaller hoop ones, and greater hoops are typically worn by women.

Big Hoop Earrings for Women

Great news for jewellery collectors! This year, the style hoop earrings are aiming to be of the most recent jewellery things. an enormous range of individuals are thinking of this seeing that hoop earrings were conspicuously setting out to be hot within the fashion world at the end of the sooner year, and it has been carrying over up to currently. Nevertheless, an excellent large alter in fashion like this might gradually take it slow.

Moreover, it'll be completely fascinatingly cold to ascertain if the design changes am fond of it did when the elegantly designed hoop earrings 1st came out. When these 1st came out to the overall public, these originally appeared small (similar to what they're getting used right now), and by the end of their amount as a superb fad, these earrings had finally gotten thus large. In purpose of reality, lots of folks assert that that they had gotten large that they might reasonably kill themselves out.

big hoop earrings with spikes

In truth, folks would love to wear these fashion hoop earrings, however not even desired to be out of fashion; therefore, folks were attempting to wear the large ones. On the opposite hand, they appeared as not sensible as a result of lots of roles and firms seldom allowed their employees or workers to wear this type of knickknack within the workplace. As well, if history are repeated, then i have to say that individuals are aiming to see the demise of the ring fashion when the hoops are once more setting out to get large.

How to Do Wedding Make-Up

By Julie Ndagire
For your make-up application, natural light is the best. If possible, set up an application table near a window.

Decide whether you’ll be having colour and or Black and white photography. For black and white, stay away from blue-red shades of make-up.

When choosing your lipstick, remember that lighter colours reflect more light which makes the lips seem bigger and does not look overpowering in photos. Colours that have to be avoided include bright pinks and reds.

Don’t get too trendy with your make up. You may think that sparkly eyeliner and gliter lipstick is a good idea today, but chances are you’ll look back at the pictures years from now and regret it.

Don’t skimp on blush. You don’t want to overdo it, but to avoid looking washed out you’ll need enough in your photographs.

Do try a test-run of what you’d like your make-up to look like on your wedding day a few weeks before the big event; don’t leave it until a few hours you walk down the aisle.

Movie Review: The 5 Year Engagement

Picture courtesy of: IMDb

Taking some time out from our usual writing, The Wedding Gurus decided to temporarily break free of the chains that usually bind us to our desks, pick up giant popcorn and massively oversized drinks and head to the movies for some fun, lighthearted entertainment.

Of course we couldn't stray too far from our favourite topic 'weddings', so we spent two fun filled hours eating through all of our goodies and watching 'The Five Year Engagement'.

The film starring Jason Segel (Tom) and Emily Blunt (Violet) sees Tom propose to his girllfriend one year after meeting, but as they begin to make plans one thing after another just seems to get in the way and the wedding looks like it will never take place.

The movie had some funny moments, but also some sad ones and definitely a lot of things that many of us who have been engaged can relate to. Just as the couple did in the movie, so often we become consumed with life and getting everything exactly perfect before doing the things that we really want to that we end up never actually getting around to doing what we set out to.

Perhaps we don't see it (or maybe we do on some subconcious level), but we tell ourselves whatever makes it ok - Once we move house, when we have more money, when we start or leave our job.


Through alll of the comical twists and turns in the movie, the tear jerking moments and the 'ah-ha' moments, the overall message is clear: CARPE DIEM - SEIZE THE DAY!

The only time that you have is right now so work with what you have, DIY what you can and just go for it!

Overall we loved the movie especially the ending that we will definitely not ruin for you even though we are dying to make comment on.

We give the movie 4 stars out of 5.

The Wedding Gurus

Wedding Make-up - Choosing Eye Shadow Colours

By Betty Amogin

Every bride automatically looks like a radiant princess on her big day, but there is no harm in taking Extra good care of your skin a few weeks before your wedding day.

Choosing Eye Shadow colours
Choosing eye shadow colours can be tricky because there are so many colours available. Pick hues based on your skin tone: Skin with yellow undertones calls for warm shades, cool hues go well with pink undertones, For your wedding, try shadows with a bit of shimmer. Like the eye shadow, your lipstick and blush colours should work well with your skin tone for a beautiful, harmonious bridal look.

Pinks and purples.
For brides who want a more vibrant colour choice, shadows in shades of purple and pink are beautiful options. These shades will particularly highlight brown eyes, while making the whites of the eye appear even clearer.

Grey, White, Black
Shades of grey appear sheer on the eye and complement light skin tones. They achieve an understated and elegant effect. Use of grey shadow on the lid, and to dot the centre of the lid, and a black shadow to line the eyes.

Pewters, Gold, Bronzes
Deep, metallic hues like these are a good choose for ladies with dark skin. For yellow undertones in skin, opt for golden hues on the lid; for red undertones, consider bronze shadows. On every dark skin, which may have a bluish cat try pewters. Use black or dark brown as a liner.

Blues are more playful than classic grays or neutrals, but when applied lightly, these hues are also quite appropriate for a wedding . If your skin is pale, you’ll want to choose icy shades; richer shades if your skin is dark.

Latest Wedding Decorations Designs

By Julie Ndagire

Wedding Decorations widely depend on the couples tastes and preferences. One can opt to go traditional, go flowers or use lightings.

With Flowers one can opt to use Carnication, The Anthurium, Baby Breath, The lily, the rose, daffodils among others.

Wedding Decoration colours largely depend on the bride or groom’s preference at most times colours used match with the dressings of the bridal entourage.

Some of the latest Wedding decorations are as below

Hens Night Game - "Clink & Drink"

This game helps break the ice at the beginning of your party whilst helping your guests to identify the relationship each person has to the bride and groom.

Ensure all guests have full glasses of champagne (or soft drink). Announce that if you fall into the catagory of the groups that are about to be called out you are to "clink" the glass of the others within that group and "drink". Here are a list of group catagories to get you started:

  • "Clink and Drink" if you are from the family of the bride
  • "Clink and Drink" if you are from the family of the groom
  • "Clink and Drink" if you went to school with the bride
  • "Clink and Drink" if you work with the bride
  • "Clink and Drink" if you have known the bride for over 10yrs
  • "Clink and Drink" if you are in the bridal party

You could make the game more interactive where you could say "Clink and Drink" if you have an embarrasing story about the bride, then the group members who have clinked are then to each give a 1 minute run down of the embarrasing story.


The Wedding Gurus xx

Find more fun hens night games here!

Week 14: The Coin / Arras Ceremony

Welcome to week 14 in our ’52 Rituals/Traditions in 52 Weeks’

The Arras or coin ceremony consists of 13 golden coins which are exchanged back and forth between the bride and groom to symbolize wealth and success within their marriage.

"The celebrant drops 13 pieces of coins (silver or gold) called arras into the Groom's waiting hands, who in turn drops it into the Bride's hands. The Bride then puts her hand above the Groom's then drops the arras into his hands again. The Groom allows the coins to then be dropped into a plate held by an attendant.

The metal tinkling of the coins being passed from one pair of hands to the other, is a distinctive reminder of the groom's promise to take care of his wife materially. The bride in return, by giving back the coins to his hands, convey that what they both earn become part of each other's. The trickling sound also signifies abundance and success in the couple's joint efforts."

Wonderful, unique (and sometimes a little strange) weddings

The Wedding Guru's are always on the lookout for really different ideas particularly when it comes to bride styles. Every person is different and has their own unique style, but sometimes, every now and again one will come along that is really out there. We were astonished when we came across 42 year old Elaine Davidson’s wedding photos. 

Elaine is known as the world’s most pierced woman today. She has a total of 6,925 piercings, 192 of which are on her face and 1500 which are internal.

While Elaine's 'extreme' look is definitely not for everyone, her groom clearly sees past all of the piercings and paint to find a woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Elaine made the Guinness Book of Records in 2000 explaining ‘I don’t really like getting pierced... but I suffer for my art’. She does not remove any of her piercings; she even sleeps with every last one in place at night.

Elaine was accompanied to a registry office in her home town of Edinburgh wearing a white gown as well as pink and white flowers and accessories around her hair.

Along with her trademark piercings all in place she also painted green, yellow and blue paint markings on her face.

Her husband, Douglas Watson, who appears to be exceptionally plain in comparison with no visible piercings, was dressed for the 35-minute ceremony in a dark blue suit with a blue shirt and tie.

While it is easy to be a little shocked by Elaine's look, we really wanted to share this with you and remind everyone that it's YOUR special day and you should have it ANY way that you choose.

The Wedding Gurus

Trendy Wedding Ideas to Opt For

By Betty Amongin

Today couples intending to get married know what they want and how they want it. Thanks to the internet revolution, today’s bride is more informed and aware about personal style. Couples are getting more creative and feel free to make unique choices. Here is what hot and happening.

Trend 1: Handmade invitation Cards
The new look is a twist of tradition; forget the ultra formal invite from commercial printers. Couples are embracing their own style and having the cards individually crafted and handmade. They want invitations that will get recipients oohing and aahing.

Trend 2: ‘Mismatched’ bridesmaids’ dresses.
Exact uniformity for each bridesmaid is a thing of the past, thank God. Brides now understand that no two maids have the same structure and taste. Brides now select fabric and colour, let their bridesmaids choose the style that works best for their bodies. Not only does this take some pressure off you, it also ensures that the ladies are choosing a dress they like and are likely to wear again if you follow this trend be sure to tell your bridesmaids the general look to be achieved – You don’t want one bridesmaid wearing a mini and the other a ball gown.

Trend 3: Colours Galore

Wedding colours are now fresh and energetic. Shocking pinks, bright greens, rich blues hues and deep earth tones. Today’s couples are mixing bright colors with the muted versions. Pair lemon yellow with chocolate brown or  white and yellow, thick turquoise and icy blues with a chock of orange or purple, pair rich orange with chocolate brown; be sure to understand that this is not glaring orange, but rather, one that suggests opulence and often has a bronze undertone. This orange can be paired cream for equally beautiful results.

Trend 4; Not so white wedding gown

The bride who wears a gown with a shock of colour running through the hem or waistline or back panel is sure to stand out and be remembered. If you are more traditional, incorporate the colour trend in the other ways like shoes with colored heels or hair accents with some colour. Or maybe you want to go all the way with a coloured dress like putting on a red or black gown and your bridesmaids go white.

Trend 5
The tiara went under used to over used overnight. One could get rich by predicting that the bride wore a tiara. Since 2008, adventurous brides have forgone the traditional tiara and instead pin rhinestone or beaded accessories into their hair. One clever bride used earrings and she looked stunning, another adopted this trend in a simple yet elegant way by weaving a necklace through her locks.

Trend 6: Wedding websites.

Couples are creating wedding websites that have just about anything and everything you would like to know or see about their love story, from photo galleries to diary input, favorite things to how he proposed, from special “Thank Yous” to personalized poems check them out.

Trend 7: Multiple themes
It is no longer difficult choosing your theme. The rustic can be fused with the ultra modern and the afro-all in the same wedding. The trick is to know how to blend, not clash.

Trend 8: All about cake Serving; A platter per table or a little cake on each table. Taste: It is more trendy and accommodative to have a different flavor for each tier of the cake. One couple had a rich chocolate tier and a strawberry tier in addition to the traditional heavy fruit cake.

Trend 9: Unusual centerpieces
Vases and vessels are moving centre stage, out of the box concepts like teapots, wooden boxes and crafts are making huge visual statements. Citrus centerpieces, long grass blades, white sand, natural vines, dry ingredients like salt, flour and seeds are dramatically replacing fresh flowers.

Trend 10 : Can’t be bothered with the minefield of having every movement and motion scrutinized by 200 pairs of eyes? Forestall the jitters by seating amongst your guests, a sweetheart table that sits two will do.

Trend 11: Macho grooming
Once upon a time, the groom just dashed into the saloon an hour or so before ceremony time, not anymore, in this modern day of multiple pressure, he too could do a little soaking of his feet, a full and thorough body massage and, toning. And of course, what a sleek look without a seductive scent to compliment him?

Trend 12: Minimalism
Gone is the look of bows, whistles. Ribbons and flowers all in one. This time the beauty is in the details, not the excesses otherwise known as, “ Simple understated elegance”

Celebrity Inspired Wedding Hair

It can be a difficult and overwhealming task trying to choose the perfect hairstyle for your big day. But never fear the celebrities are here to help inspire you with their soft, shiny, wavy, sleek and vintage hairstyles. We have complied what we consider are some of the best and would love for you to let us know who is your favourite by leaving a comment on the bottom of this post.

    Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria & Nicole Richie

  Jennifer Love Hewitt & Jessica Alba

     Katie Cassidy, Hilary Duff & Amy Adams

    Scarlett Johansson, Tyra Banks & Taylor Swift

   Jennifer Lopez & Lacey Chabert