Yasmin's Getting Married

Some more Exciting news…… Our very own resident blogger and honeymoon and travel expert, Yasmin is getting married! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Yasmin got engaged over New Year to her beautiful fiance Matthew and we are so excited to have the opportunity to come along on this journey with her as she begins the overwhelming task of planning a big (Italian style) wedding.

We will be creating a special page for Yasmin to share her thoughts and progress with you all and hope you will join us as hopefully there will plenty of laughs and fun along the way and not too many tears and stress. She has already begun preparations for the Engagement party so stay tuned for all of her tips on how to create some amazing ideas while not spending a fortune.

The Importance of Rituals

Seeing as we are going to be spending the entire year bringing you Wedding Rituals/Traditions, I wanted to tell you a little about why this was so important to us.

Across the world ceremonies or rituals are used to define the more important stages of our lives and a wedding ceremony is the perfect example of one of those stages being at the height of tradition and formality.

From superstition and myth to etiquette, dress and both ancient and modern rituals, wedding ceremonies are steeped in tradition and symbolism.

Many cultures still actively practise ancient traditions or may have adapted some to suit a more modern environment, but nonetheless they still hold the same meaning and importance to those who practise them.

While as a modern society we may have somewhat moved away from some of the more outlandish rituals of stealing a bride away from her family or slapping each other with fish for good luck, it has become very ‘trendy’ of late to incorporate more of the common and meaningful traditions into today’s wedding ceremony.

Adding a ritual to your ceremony can provide the perfect opportunity to include all of your guests or even a select few whom you really want to play a part. Including a ritual is also a great way of blending families in a really unique way and allows wedding guests to actually see something interesting and heart felt.

If you honestly sat down and thought about all of the ceremonies that you have attended (and for me as a celebrant that is one heck of a lot!) they can often all blend into a distant fond memory, but if the couple did something that was unique, different or that evoked in you an emotional response, then chances are this will be a ceremony that will stay with you always.

For me, doing ceremony after ceremony every weekend is a wonderful experience and opportunity to see people from all different backgrounds, but officiating so many ceremonies often leaves them as a bit of a blurr in my distant memory.

There are, however, probably 4 or 5 out of all that I have done that have stuck with me as clear as if they were yesterday and that was simply because they used a ritual or tradition that touched or inspired me and because of that their exchange was etched in my mind forever.

One of these was something I hadn’t seen a couple do before and it was called the ‘silent rose ceremony’.

As I stood with the groom at the front of the assembled guests under a gorgeous flower lined gazebo, the music began playing and the bride appeared at the end of the garden. She walked up slowly on her brothers arm and when she reached the front of the group the groom walked forward and joined her, taking her arm.

Together they walked over to his mother first, and silently handed her a single gorgeous white rose. Nothing was said, they just each kissed her cheek and embraced her and then walked silently over to the bride’s mother and did the same to her. As the mothers were each unaware that this was going to take place they were both sobbing gorgeously and I think every guest including myself had a tear in their eye. The bride and groom then walked back to stand before me and the ceremony began. It was truly one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen done and yet so simple.

I’m not saying that including a ritual or tradition in your ceremony is right for everyone, but if you can find something that suits who you are then you should absolutely go for it. Make sure your ceremony is one that will be etched in your guests memories forever.

For inspiring ideas, don’t forget to look out for our ’52 Rituals/Traditions in 52 Weeks’

The wedding gurus

Week 3 - Ring Warming Ceremony

Welcome to Ritual/Tradition number 3 in our 52 Rituals in 52 Weeks

This is a fairly common, but very sweet ritual that you may have seen done before in a ceremony. It is simple, easy and doesn’t require any elaborate props in order to pull it off beautifully and successfully.

Basically prior to the ceremony taking place, the rings are placed into a small lace or chiffon bag ensuring the top of the bag is tied tightly so they are not able to come out as it is passed among the guests. Some people like to simply tie the rings together with a ribbon and allow them to be passed, however I personally wouldn’t recommend this as it is not worth the risk of one of them being dropped.

Once the bride arrives and the celebrant/Priest has welcomed everyone they may say something like: (my preferred version, but there are many to choose from or you can add your own wording).

“During this ceremony (grooms name) & (brides name) will exchange rings. They have entrusted the keeping of the rings with (insert name) who will be passing them around to each and every one of you individually.

As this ceremony proceeds we ask that you, their families and friends take part in the warming of these rings as a sign of your love and support for this union.

We ask that you, as their most trusted loved ones wish them health and happiness, laughter and good fortune and all that is noble and good in life.

These rings are the visible signs of their commitment to one another.

I ask that each person take the time to hold them for a moment, warm them with your hopes and wishes and love, then pass them on to the next person. I ask that all present voice a silent wish or prayer for this couple, for their marriage and their future together.

When these rings come back to (insert name) they will contain, in their precious metal, that which is more precious and yet is priceless, your love and pledge of support”.

The Celebrant/Priest then proceeds with the ceremony (or music can be played while the rings are ‘warmed’).

When it comes time in the ceremony for the rings to be exchanged by the couple , the celebrant/Priest may either also express a wish or blessing for the couple before they are placed or they may simply hand them to the couple to place.

This is a simple and easy ritual, yet a very effective way of including each and every guest and evoking a beautiful sense of inclusion and emotion.

The Wedding of Carla and James

Welcome to the wedding of the gorgeous Carla and James.
In October 2009 James proposed to his beautiful girlfriend Carla on top of the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas. 2 years later in November 2011 they said 'i do' amongst their family and friends in their hometown of Adelaide.

Carla Waye is a solo singer / songwriter (www.carlawaye.com) and has worked with renowned producers such as Darryl Anthony and Isreal who has produced for the likes of Jessica Mauboy, Stan Walker, Ricky Lee and Jay Sean. Carla comes from a very close Filipino family while James is from a proud Greek background, as you will see from the beautiful photo story to follow they were able to incorporate some of both their Filipino & Greek traditions throughout.

It has been a true pleasure for the team at the Wedding Gurus to bring this to you and we hope you enjoy the inspriring and breathtaking story of how their beautiful wedding day unfolded. The couple can’t speak highly enough of their fabulous photographer Jackie Tran who captured all the truly spectacular and memorable moments of the days events.

The sweet and classically simple flower girl dresses are from Tea Princess


Carla with her proud mum. The Jewelery including headpiece, custom brooch and earrings,
by Maria Elena Headpieces

 James with his handsome groomsmen and page boys

Carla's overwhelmingly beautiful wedding dress is by San Patrick purchased at
Anastasia Bridal Couture

The colourful & breathtakingly beautiful Church, St Dimitrios of Adelaide

In a traditional Greek wedding ceremony the bride and groom are crowned with a Stefana. 2 Crowns are linked together with a single length of ribbon symbolising the joining of two souls and the creation of a new household. It is a symbol of combining two people as one.

The stunning bridal procession of all white Jags courtesy of Jags With Grace

The Classic Jets Fighter Museum at Parafield Airport was the perfect location to capture these unique and timeless shots

The bridesmaid dresses were individually designed by each bridesmaid and crafted by
Adriana Loro Designs on Port Road, Adelaide


The elegant and intricately crafted 8 tier wedding cake was created by the talented team at
Sugar and Spice Cakes on Goodwood Road

The couple share their first dance at the spectacular Sunrise ballroom of
Sfera's Park Suites & Convention Centre, Adelaide

Carla Waye is an acclaimed singer / songwriter and amazed her guests with a beutiful vocal performance with the help of David Fitzgerald. Carla sang a medley of songs including 'make you feel my love', 'angel of mine', 'heaven' and 'even when im sleeping'

As part of James' Greek Background, his family and friends pin money and lucky charms on him as a sign of good luck and fortune for the couples lives together.

Carla performs a traditional Filipino dance 'Tinkiling'. The two parralel bamboo poles are hit together and raised into the air and back to the ground to the rythmn of the music, as this is done Carla hops over and around the them in a skillful graceful manner.

We saved the most magnificent awe-inspiring photo till last.
As Carla and James embark upon their future together, we wish them a marriage filled with blissful and everlasting love, laughter and happiness.

Procedure for Church weddings

You have one opportunity to take your vows in an unforgettable ceremony, surrounded by your loving family and friends. Getting married will change your lives dramatically.
Change can be a good thing, but amidst all the excitement, you will need to feel emotionally calm and safe to be good to one another and to continue to love one another. Be one another’s soft place to fall, protect, encourage and look after one another.

A church is the ideal place to get married: there is a solemn atmosphere; it creates a dignified backdrop with heavenly organ music. You dedicate your lives to one another and to God, the strongest ally in all the world.
This is different from a birthday party or a reunion or an office party. This is the real thing! The contrast between the solemnity of a church ceremony and the jollity of the reception will add a special sparkle to the event.
The minister
Ask the minister to discuss the exact order of events during the ceremony with you. Remember to pay him and to invite him and his wife to the reception.
The minister will probably advise you to attend a premarital adjustment course. Invest in such a course it really is worth the effort!
Inform the minister in writing about who will provide any musical items, as well as the name of the composition and the composer.
The verger (a church official who acts as a caretaker and attendant and looks after the inside of a church, usually including the furnishings and the vestments) Book and discuss the day, date and time of your wedding with the verger well ahead of time. Ask him for information about all fees that have to be paid (the verger, organist, minister, etc.). Arrange a time for the rehearsal.
Arrange a day before the wedding when the bridal group, verger, minister and, if possible, the choir can rehearse at the church. Make sure that everyone concerned knows exactly what will happen when.
Order of service
Include the names of the minister/officiant /priest, organist, choir, other soloists, composers and even the bridal retinue (if there is room) on the printed order of service. References to the readings, music and the words of the hymns that are to be sung should also be inserted.

Who sits where?
The bride’s family and friends sit on the left in the front of the church, the groom’s family and friends sit to the right.
When everyone has taken his/her place about five minutes or so before
the bride enters the bride’s mother enters and sits down in the first or second pew from the front. She keeps a place open next to her for the bride’s father along the aisle.

The order of events
The bride and her father drive to the church together she sits in the back of the car at the right, with her father to her left. He brings her into the church walking to his right: this is the place of honour. Her left hand rests on his right forearm, but she can tuck her hand into his arm if she needs a little more support.

The bride’s entrance is a dramatic moment: the guests rise, the organ music rings out joyously in a wedding march or another classical piece.

The groom and the best man wait in the front of the church. The bride’s father gives her to the groom at the end of the aisle. The bride stands in the centre, her father kisses her on her forehead or cheek, he and the groom shake hands (he tells the groom to treat his new wife well) and the bridal couple walk forward to the centre, right in front of the marriage officer.

The bride and groom do not touch. Once the minister (who must be a licensed marriage officer) has said ‘Take each other’s right hand’, they exchange rings and hold each other’s right hands. Only then should she take his arm (unless either of them needs more support before that moment!). After the blessing, the bridal couple, the minister and the witnesses sign the register. Then the bridal group leaves the church.

The bridal group leaves the church in the following order:
The bridal couple in front, followed by the bride’s mother walking out with the groom’s father to her right, then the groom’s mother with the bride’s father to her right, then the retinue.

The flower girls leave the church before the guests do so that they can be ready to distribute the confetti at the doors.

The photographer and videographer
A video and wedding photographs of the ceremony are precious mementoes. However, you need to agree with the minister and photographers about when the pictures are to be taken and how many will be taken.

Arrange a meeting between the videographer and the photographer sometimes they can get in each other’s way unless they have made some
prior arrangements. So, for example, the one can take the lead once, then the other

Inter Faith Marriages/Weddings

by Uganda Wedding Bells

In today’s multicultural society it is becoming increasingly common for couples from different religions to get married. Faith and religious beliefs shared by the engaged couple is likely to be the biggest factor in determining what kind of wedding it will be.

Incorporating the two different faiths may seem daunting at first, but here are a few ideas that may help relieve some of the stress.

Establish clear communication with your partner
It is important that both you and your fiancé discuss how many and what religious traditions, if any, will be incorporated in the ceremony. Be clear on what you both feel comfortable and uncomfortable with and understand that compromises will need to be made.
Involve both families
It is likely that the most opinionated views and disappointment will come from family members particular parents and older family members who may not like the idea that you are straying away from tradition. Perhaps it may be practical to use a celebrant for each faith or even two weddings to make everyone feel included. However if this is not possible the most sensible way to help them understand your decision is to include and involve both families in the planning process. Be firm about what you want and don’t want but again be willing to compromise and be flexible.
Consider your guests
When combining two faiths in a wedding ceremony it would be naïve to expect the guests to follow and understand the rituals that may take place. It is possible that some of your guests may not have attended a ritual outside of their own faith. It is therefore a good idea to create a program for them that explains why certain rituals take place and the significance and meaning behind them.
Combine both faiths
If you both want to incorporate both rituals you may consider having the ceremony in both places, say visit Kibuli Mosque and All Saints. Please note that you have to plan ample time for this!
A universal wedding on neutral ground
Alternatively you may choose a wedding that is not based on any religious ground. Have reading and music that is not religious. Ask the celebrant to use non-inclusive language and not terms that are specific to any certain religion. Instead have the celebrant focus on universal themes and marriage themes of love and unity. It might also be a good idea to avoid having the ceremony in a place of worship unless it is very important for either the bride or groom. Or If you both want to incorporate both rituals into your ceremony, combine readings and music form both religions. You might also want to have 2 officiants present, one for each religion.

Wedding Ceremony - Church Requirements

Churches have differing requirements for couples to carry out their ceremony. Here’s information we managed to gather for you. Hope it comes in handy.Congratulations on that note!
Catholic (Kimathi Avenue, Opposite Theatre La Bonita.)
If a bride and groom are Catholics, books three months in advance. If one partner is non-Catholic, four months.

Registration requirements:

• Prenuptial form
• Baptism certificates
• Letter of marital consent from bride's family
• If not parishioner of Christ the King, a letter of introduction from the parish of their residence.
• Passport photos of bride and groom
• Marriage counseling is mandatory. Sessions are held once a week on Thursdays, morning or evening.
Weddings times and fees:

• Standard (sharing) is 2p.m (ush225, 000.)
• Special hours(private wedding ): 10 a.m,12p.m.or 4p.m(125,000)
• A fee of ush400, 000 is paid as commitment fee and refundable when the couple time.
• The above fees exclude the choir. It is booked separately and fees vary.
2. St Paul’s cathedral Namirembe

Anglican (Namirembe Hill).

• Registration must be done one and half months be done and half months before the wedding (Mondays through Fridays 9am to 4pm with Dean’s secretary).

Registration Requirements:

• An introduction letter from the priest where the groom/bride attend church.
• A letter of consent from the parents of the bride.
• Original baptism certificates and photocopies of each.
• One colored passport sized photo of the groom, bride, best man matron.

Times and Fees.

• Standard wedding time is 2pm. To 4pm.(Ush 253,000;limited to seven couples)
Including a 50,000 commitment fee)
• Private weddings:
One –hour services begin on the hour starting at 8am (excluding 2pm to 4pm.)ush 353,000 including a ush 100,000 commitment fee.)
Fees included
• Two 8-hour premarital counseling sessions held on Thursdays in the three weeks preceding the wedding; the matron and best man are requires at the second session.
• HIV test are recommended
• Banns of marriage will be announced at least three times prior to the wedding. For persons whose local church is NOT St Paul, banns will not be announced at local churches. Results of the banns duly signed by the respective priests must be returned to the dean’s office at least four days before the wedding.
• Order of service booklets and choir can be booked separately.
Watoto Church Central Pentecostal (Bombo road near Fido Dido)

• Booking should be made at least six months in advance with a letter to the church Administration stating the desired date and time and telephone contacts.
• Complete Wedding ceremony Application forms fully endorsed by your respective cell, section, zonal and regional leaders as well as district pastor. Also submit.
• Recommendation letter from one’s local church if one party is not a member of Watoto.
• Original HIV status results (recent) carried out from the same place at the same time.
• Letter of consent from the girl’s parents.
• Recommendation letters from best man/matron’s local church if they are not watoto members.
• Premarital counseling with your regional leader/district pastor.
• Order of service for intending couple (t be brought to church Administration two weeks before the wedding day. Wedding rehearsal should be done a week before the wedding day.
• Church fee is Ush 50.000 is refundable late fee. Keeping time means all the parties are involved being at church at least 15minutes to set time.
All Saints Cathedral Nakasero
Anglican (Lugara Road next to State House)

• Book six months in advance and register one month to the weding.

• Ush 350,000(including refundable fee of 50,000 if the couple keeps time.)
• Decoration is Ush 75,000(outside decoration not permitted).
• In- house choir fees vary (outside must be vetted by the cathedral.)
Registration Requirements
• Photocopies of baptism and confirmation certificates.
• Two passport photos of bride and groom.
• Letter of consent from the bride’s family.
• If they are not members, a letter of introduction from their church(Note: Only other Christian churches are accepted (excluding Seventh day Adventists)as well as a few Pentecostal churches.
• Best man and matron must be wedded in church and they should present their marriage certificates and passport photos.
• There are 16 compulsory counseling sessions. HIV tests are recommended and discussed in the counseling.
• The couple is free to identify the clergy to do the ceremony.
• Only two cameras are allowed in the service and should be introduced to the church authority prior.

First Presbyterian Church Reform (Mengo Kisenyi off Rubaga Road)

Ush 150,000 paid atleast two weeks before the wedding.
A copy of a consent leter from the bride’s family.
Recommendation letters from pastor of the groom.(One letter is enough if the couple comes from the same church.)
Completed prenuptial form
Passport photos of the bride and groom
Couples must attend the church’s premaritial counseling programme.
Registra General’s Office
Civil Marriage (Amamu House, George Street)
Fees (including notice and certificate marriage and registration)Ush 85,000.

Brides and groom must be:
Adults of 18 or above.
Residents of the marriage districts for atleast the last 15days if you are Ugandan.
A man and a woman
There must be no impediment of kindred or affinity or any other lawful hindrance to marriage.
Neither party should be already married.
Required forms and documents:
Filled-in notice of marriage
Statutory declaration telling the registrar that the information you are giving is correct.
Marriage takes place 21 days after fling the notice.
Two adult witnesses are required to be present.
Procedures are available for couple who need to marry right away; additional documents are requires if both parties are non-Ugandan.
Marriages are open from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday.

Kibuli Mosque Muslim (Kibuli Hill)
Fees are Ush 200.000 (covers registration, marriage certificate and administration costs; late penalties: Ush 20,000 to 30,000).
Weddings take place between 2pm and 7pm.
Bookings should be made at least two weeks before the wedding from the OPD office next to the hospital.


• Only Muslims are wed
• Bride has to enter with a brother or father or somebody authorized by the family.
• Couple has to present two male. Muslims witnesses on each side.
• Payments of dowry by the bridegroom had to be made before the ceremony. The dowry is something asked for by the bride and must be presented to her at the mosque. This determines the signing of the certificate.
• Couples go for a day of counseling two days prior to the wedding.
• HIV testing certificates not required (though they were in the past)
• The bride’s gown must cover the arms and chest, and ladies attending the ceremony should be similarly covered.
• Ladies sit separately from the men: behind the bride, while men are behind the groom. The sheiks perform the ceremony sit in the middle.

Lubaga Cathedral -catholic (Lubaga Hill)
Fees and times:

• Private weddings Ushs 370,000 at 10am.., 12:00pm, and 4
• Standard weddings Ush320,000(2p.m)
• Fees cover choir, marriage counseling and certificate.


• Baptism cards of the both the bride and groom
• Letter from the groom’s church parish priests introducing the couple to Lubaga Cathedral.
• Letter from the bride’s family authorizing the marriage
• Both members of the couple must report with above requirements on any Tuesdays at 8:30am
• Marriage counseling starts four months to the wedding and runs every Tuesday from 8a.m to 12p.m

Adopted from Uganda Wedding Bells

Tips on How to Avoid Children Ruining The Occasion

Many couples have relatives and friends with children who are cute as a button, or maybe even children of their own. Typically these children become flower girls and ring bearers which make a charming addition to any wedding party. However, their adorable ways can turn into antics fast without proper planning. If you are planning on having children in your bridal party, the following are a few tips to make sure that your pint-size guests meet your expectations.

A child loves to be the center of attention but today is not the day. In order to make them feel special take a few moments to show your appreciation. Before the ceremony, take a few pictures with them, tell them how cute they look, and give them a special gift just as you would the rest of your wedding party.

For those ceremonies not taking place in the morning, make sure your flower girl and ring bearer take a nap. No one wants a cranky child. Other pre-ceremony musts are using the restroom have to go light snack to avoid hunger, a double check of clothing for stains, go over directions, and give praise. Give them confidence and reinsurance so they do not freeze when all eyes are looking at them walking down the aisle.

Prevent children from being uncomfortable by providing a snack before and after the wedding ceremony. Choose snacks that will not make a mess nor stain clothing; crackers, string-cheese, and sugar cookies, and small bottles of water, are a good choice. Package treats in coordinating bags, embellished with ribbons and personalized name tags. Prepare treats for more than just your flower girl and ring bearer; other young children (if invited) will also become antsy sitting through the ceremony. Designate a parent or older child to pass out the treat bags.

Even though the flower girl and ring bearer are part of the bridal party, they may not be the most patient when standing during the vow exchange. Let them sit in the front row during the ceremony. Make sure that their parent or grandparent can motion them to take a seat beside them. Then let them rejoin the party during the processional. Also make sure that the child’s parent or another family member is prepared to scoop up the child if a tantrum breaks out. It is not the most ideal situation but knowing that someone is prepared well give you peace of mind.

Another widely accepted tip is to have fake rings attached to the pillow for the ring bearer to carry. Depending on the age of the child, younger children have a tendency to drop and loose things. Give the real rings to the best man and maid of honor.

After the ceremony can be the most important time to give the children notice. This is a time of celebration when all the attention turns to the bride and groom. Children can sometimes become confused on what to do next. Give them a hug, thank them, and let them know that you will see them later if you have decided that children will be allowed at your reception. If so, save them a dance!

Hopefully these tips help you start brainstorming on what to expect and how to be prepared for your younger wedding party guests. It may seem like a lot of work but it will save you a lot. You will t hank me when the wedding is done and it is a success

Week 2 - Sand Ceremony

  Welcome to week 2 of our '52 traditions / rituals in 52 week'  this week we are bringing to you a demonstration of a 'sand ceremony' also known as the unity sand ceremony. Our resident celebrant blogger susan considers it to be one of the most popular ceremonies she performs.

Step by Step Guide:

1. A clear glass vase is placed in the centre of a small table at the ceremonies location. To add a personal touch you can accessorise or engrave it with the couple’s initials or names and the wedding date.

2. Two smaller vases containing different coloured sands are placed either side of the central vase, one for the bride and one for the groom. These sands can be in the wedding colours.

3. During the sand ceremony, the priest or celebrant will verbally direct the couple to take turns to pour the sand from their individual vases into the central vase, creating a layered effect.

4. Finally they will pour the remainder of the sand into the vase at the same time so that the two colours combine and can’t be separated, symbolising their unity in marriage. A poem or reading can be recited at the same time as the sand is poured.

Tip: If your ceremony is at a beach the celebrant may take some sand from the ground and pour it as the final layar to symbolise where the couple confirmed their unity and commitment.

Video Demonstration:

We sincerely hope you enjoy the video dont forget to follow our blog so you can enjoy the fun, inspiring and informative information the next 50 weeks has to bring! If you have any questions or would like us to post any of the wording then please leave a comment and we will do our very best to get back to you within 24hours. Enjoy!

Beautiful Earrings Wedding | Beautiful Earrings Designs

Beautiful Earrings Wedding. Tiaras are acceptable added accepted at both absolute academic & accidental weddings similar. Whether they are beat with or after a veil, they are the final in account jewelry, & can accomplish addition feel like ability on their appropriate day. In lieu of advance heavily in this piece, acquisition that is busy with affected stones or pearls. To all but the best acute jewelry, they will attending like the absolute thing, after the accent of caring for such an big-ticket piece. In the accident you will be cutting a tiara, accompany it with you to your beard arrangement & assignment calm with your stylist to absorb it in to your all-embracing hairstyle.

Beautiful Earrings Designs

Though the rings usually absorb average date at a wedding, there's added appearance bells jewelries that charge be anticipation about. From earrings to necklaces to tiaras, these pieces action the ideal accompaniment to a bells dress & veil, which will accredit brides to feel beauteous & appropriate on their massive day. In the accident you, like best ladies, do not accept a ancestors basement from which these treasures may be unearthed, there's abundant apparel options that will accord you all the flash of design pieces, but at a atom of the cost. Back attractive for the ideal pieces to accomplishment your look, anticipate about opting for some of the afterward styles.

beautiful wedding earrings

Some of the best accepted bells dress styles affection strapless designs or coast necklines. To draw added absorption to these details, lots of brides aces to abrasion a admirable necklace. For a added understated, best look, anticipate about pearls, or affected pearls. They may be absolute with chunk for a tiny added shine, but they will add a acceptable air to alike the best avant-garde dress. The key to award the appropriate chaplet is the in breadth of the chain. A admirable aphorism of deride to accumulate in apperception back selecting your appearance bells jewelries is the lower cut the dress, the best & added intricate your chaplet may be.

2012 Wedding Rings | Wedding Rings for Women 2012

2012 Wedding Rings. Engagement is of the best adored times in a person's life. ask any helpmate if they actually admired her assurance arena and the acknowledgment will acceptable be a resounding, "Yes." Her assurance arena represents the around-the-clock adulation bare to advance a acknowledged marriage.

Vintage jewelry, the best assurance ring, basically never goes out of style. Kate Middleton, or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, accustomed the 30-year-old best assurance arena that Prince William's sister, Princess Diana had historicallyin the accomplished worn. The 18-carat egg-shaped dejected azure and design arena is actually adorable and timeless.

Wedding Rings for Women 2012

Vintage adornment is as around-the-clock as the aeon it represents. Experienced jewelers are not alone accustomed with abreast and best adornment alike; they get to apperceive their barter so they can acclaim the ideal piece.

The 1920s saw an arrival of European cut chunk and the use of a array of designs in argent settings. Lots of 1920s aeon best assurance rings accept intricately advised applique designs. The 1930s alien added chunk and black adored metals such as gold and argent acclimated together. Designs became added intricate in some cases and simpler in others, depending on alone tastes.

2012 engagement rings

Expensive adornment and ancestors heirlooms are anesthetized from bearing to generation, authoritative best pieces amid the best adored types of adornment anyone can wear. Replicas are generally duplicate from the aboriginal due to the acute affliction jewelers booty in recreating these categorical pieces.

Each decade alien fresh pieces of jewelry. Designs afflicted as tastes afflicted and jewelers began introducing added bright gemstones as the years passed. Lots of bodies called to accord heirlooms as ability for weddings as able-bodied as best assurance rings.

Wedding Cakes Confectionery/Bakers

Associated Bakers &Confectionaries
Gaba Rd

Bakasi Enterprise (Mrs. Kasibante )
Telephone256 772 427835

Bake For Me
Telephone0772501987 / 041269083

Bakers World
Crown House, Kampala Rd

Bertha's Kitchen LTD
Nasser Road, fair House, 3rd Floor, Kampala
At Bertha’s Kitchen limited, We satisfy and quench your thirst. We design modern, rich fruit and light fruit cakes for different occasions including among others the following Anniversary, weddings, birthday, introduction.

Betty's Bread and Pastry Shop
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Bread and Cake Shop
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By Special Request
37 Chwa II Road, Mbuya Hill, Kampala.

Cake Centre
Bugolobi, Kampala

Cake Shop
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Skin Care For The Bride- What Every Bride Must Do

Skin Care:

What every Bride Must Do:

Exercise gets your circulation going, flushes out toxins and tones up your body. Get into a routine that you enjoy. A 30- minute run or walk, a dance class or jumping rope/ skipping are some good options. Swimming, though a form of good exercise, is not the advisable option because a combination of the sun and chlorine are likely to play havoc with your complexion

Where as your facial skin is the main focus for beauty treatments prior to your wedding, there are other areas that will complete a great picture and that will complete a great picture and that should not be regretted; make sure you also, with the help and advice of a professional, embark on a regimen of regular hair treatments, hand and feet care, as well as full-body treatments

As far as diet goes, the rules to follow are simple. There is no need to get yourself started on some hard-to-follow detox diet. Just keep in mind the following:
Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and drink lots of fresh juice
Drink eight large glasses of water per day
Cut out alcohol
Limit the amount of fat you take in. do not eliminate it completely. A little bit is good for your skin’s elasticity

Beauty Care:
The importance of cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face and neck can not be more emphasized. This should be done twice daily as you start your day and as you end it. In addition, a little extra care is needed occasionally for deeper cleansing. A mask will help draw out impurities from your pores and will also help to tone your skin further.
There are a wide range of beauty masks on the market, but the easiest natural way to do it is with honey:

•    Warm up your face by either steaming it over a bucket of hot water for about 5 minutes or gently washing it with a warm towel to open up the pores
•    Apply a thin layer of honey and leave it on for 30 minutes

•    Rinse off gently with warm towel and finish off with a splash of cold water to close up the pores

•    A mask treatment should typically be done once a week.

Wedding Day Checklist

 The little things you must not forget

The day is finally looming on the horizon. You have a mixture of emotions going on. Excitement, anxiety, happiness, your heart bursting with love and then…a nagging unsettling feeling that you cannot quite put your finger on creeps in to rain on your parade

Everything seems already in place. The main service providers are all booked and paid for, and you have a team to oversee that everything is delivered and set up on time.

A written (not mental) checklist of the things you need to oversee yourself as the bride /groom:

Honey moon

Are your tickets, passports, vaccination cards all ready/ up to date? Are your hotel reservations confirmed? Have you done your packing? Have you arranged transport to airport and pick-up when you arrive?

Wedding Night/ Morning After

You must be thinking: “Isn’t this obvious?…nice lingerie, exotic scent…” Ok, so you have the wedding night all sorted. But how about the next day? Pack something nice to wear the next day, complete with accessories,. A pretty sundress will keep you in the beautiful mood carried over from the previous day.

Wedding Day:

It is un likely that you will forget the gown, bridesmaids’ dresses and groom’s suit. It is the little things that you need to put together, preferably in labeled bags, prior to the day. Jewellery, gloves, purses, ring cushion, extra shoes, accessories for your changing out fit

Ideally each garment should be steamed/ pressed and hung in garment bag and, in addition, a carrier bag with all the accessories for the outfit should also be attached to the hanger

It is easy to overlook things like the guest book, signing pen, offertory envelopes for the entourage already filled and sealed. A checklist prepared well in advance will ensure that you have everything covered

The emergency Bag

It can not be stressed enough how vital this item is. This is not just a reel of white thread and needle thrown hastily into the maid of honor’s miniscule bag. The maid of honor/ matron’s bag can have the one reel for any emergency repair, facial oil blotters, lip gloss, small packet of wet wipes and handkerchief. Otherwise you need another reasonably sized bag with secure zipper where you will fit the following:

  • Full sewing kit
  • At least a dozen safety pins of different sizes,
  • Make-up kit
  • Packet of hand tissues
  • Pain killers
  • Extra Handkerchiefs
  • Cleanser, toner, moisturizer,
  • Band aids
  • Tooth brush and tooth paste
  • Mint sweets

Remember to have this bag in a car that will remain with the bridal entourage all the time

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