How to do your make up on Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day, it is of utmost importance that you look prim and proper. Now you and i both know that applying make up isn't just a piece of cake. A couple of basics must be known, lest you look like an Indian doll( no offense) on your wedding day. We thought of a few tips that we hope will come in handy...
Finding Foundation
In general, foundation that has yellow undertones is the most flattering, but if you have very dark skin, a foundation with a slight blue cast works best. If you have medium-toned skin, choose a foundation with a red-yellow hue. And if you have light skin, look for a soft golden shade.

Pick Three
There may be variances in undertone on different parts of your face so it's a good idea to have three foundation shades -- light, medium, and dark -- on hand to allow for the different gradations of color. Many African-American women are darker across the brow and chin, and slightly lighter on the cheeks. Use the light foundation as your under-eye concealer and to lighten a dark forehead or chin area. Use the medium foundation as your all-over color to correct spots of varied pigmentation. Use the dark foundation to even out the lightest areas of your face. You can also experiment with a bronzing stick to bring down the lighter tones of your face.

Getting Cheeky
The key with blush is to avoid anything that looks ashy or pale on your skin. Lighter skin tones look pretty and most natural in dark bronzers, though apricot, rose, and soft pink also work well. Medium to dark skin tones look best with deep blush hues like dark rose, currant, and plum.

The lips
In general, the darker your skin tone, the darker you can go with your lip color. Burgundy and blackberry are beautiful on dark skin. Women with medium skin tones look pretty in currant or red, and those with light skin look best in low-voltage neutrals and glosses. If your bottom lip is paler than your top lip, you can even them out by applying a sheer, dark lipstick to your lower lip as a base, then sweeping the same lipstick over both lips.
If you want to have very full lips lips that don't require too much enhancement, avoid bright, attention-getting colors and stick to quiet, flattering shades instead, like caramel and soft brown. Perfect for kissing the groom!

By Wedding Bells

Week 9 - Unity Candle Lighting Ceremony

Welcome to week 9 of our '52 traditions / rituals in 52 week' this week we are bringing to you a demonstration of a 'Unity Candle Lighting Ceremony'. Our resident celebrant blogger susan considers it to be one of the most popular ceremonies she performs.

Step by Step Guide:

The unity candle ceremony is seen more and more frequently throughout the weddings of today. The ceremony symbolizes the pledge of unity between the bride and groom and the merging of two families.

As a general rule there are 3 candles required to perform a unity candle ceremony which consist of 1 large centre candle and 2 slim (or taper) candles. The mothers of the bride and groom may light the 2 taper candles the bride and groom then take these candles and proceed to light the single large candle representing their two lives and two families uniting as one.

The two single candles may then be blown out to represent the extinguishing of their single lives, or more popular today may be kept alit to symbolize although united through marriage their individualism is still present in their lives.

Video Demonstration:

Wording Example:

The lighting of these family candles symbolise __ and __ separate lives and pasts before today (bride and grooms mums light the candles). Through the love, support, wisdom and guidance they have both received from their families, they are here today to join their lives as one.

__ and __, with the light from your family candles, unite the two flames into one (bride and groom light centre candles). The unity of this flame symbolises the union of your families and your separate lives, into a commitment made in love and kept in faith. The two of you now have a fire that represents love, understanding and the future. It will give you warmth and happiness through even the darkest times. This new fire represents a new beginning, a new life and a new family.

The Wedding Guru's

Wedding Invitation Inspiration

There is nothing like a classic yet contemporary wedding invitation, one that is tastefully presented with attractive features that are immediately pleasing to the lucky guest who opens it. Invitations offering a romantic flair in their clean sleek lines, silky ribbon, sparkling diamantes and dreamy lace, immediately leaves the guest feeling like they are going to be part of something wonderful. 

The best invitations are kept simple, limited to a couple of colours which complement one another and in keeping with your chosen wedding day theme. It is of course all about personal preference, but we feel that black and white is a stunning yet simple combination which when paired with elegant embellishments inspires your guests with a sense of excitement for an elegant and classy day ahead.


If you are interested in any of these styles, please email us at for more information.

The Wedding Guru's

Please note: These photographs have been compiled from numerous sources including Facebook posts and other web pages. These photographs are not the property of The Wedding Guru's. If you would like any information on contacting the owner of a particular photograph we would be happy to assist.

Honeymoon Destination of the Month - Fiji

The Wedding Gurus take you on a journey to


Take a moment to imagine: (yes close your eyes) A pristine white beach with sand between your toes, warm sea breezes brushing your cheek and whispering through the palm trees; a heavenly fragrance of tropical flowers floating through the air; the distant sounds of drums and melody; sweet tasting cocktails enjoyed on your swaying hammock and all whilst watching a breathtaking sunset on the horizon.

Yes, Fijioffers the height of romance and is the perfect destination for your honeymoon.

About Fiji:

Fijiis a tropical archipelago made up of over 333 magnificent islands located in the South Pacific. The islands are surrounded by stunning turquoise sea, with the mainlands fringed with long white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees. The Wedding Gurus recommend staying along the coast of Denerau Island where there are 13 hotels all boasting a 4-5star rating. The benefit to you is that many of them allow you to use each others facilities offering an endless array of restaurants, bars, shopping, pools, spas + much much more. Given the main town of Nadi, while great for shopping (mainly carved woods and jewelry) has little to offer by means of hospitality. On Denerau you have all you need in one place and of course if you love time alone you have the option of staying on your own private island. For me personally, I love adventure and there are day trips departing every day to the islands from the mainland where you can enjoy activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, sun bathing + much more. 

Destination: Fiji
Capital: Suva
Location: South Pacific

Distance from Australia: Approx 4 hours

Average Temperature:  Tropical 31°
Recommended Length of Stay: 1 week
Recommended Hotel: Westin Denerau Resort and Spa, or for those interested in staying on a private island then Tokoriki Island Resort (Mamanuca Island Group).


My Top 8 must do’s in Fiji:

1.Snorkle or Dive – There is a wealth of dive sites offered where you can enjoy the underwater world of colourful coral and fish. If diving is a little out of your comfort zone then enjoy a relaxing snorkel or jump in a glass bottom boat allowing you to view the magic of the reefs whilst keeping dry.  

2. ZipFiji (Flying Fox) – Take a Cable Ride through the canopies of the Pacific Coasts rainforest enjoying the stunning views of the flower and fauna on this unique experience.

3. Cruise Enjoy a romantic cruise aboard a charter or private yacht, discover the islands secluded coves and limestone caves and navigate the culture and lush beauty of what the islands have to offer.  

4. Parasail – You and your partner can parasail of the coast of Denarau Island enjoying exclusive breathtaking birds-eye views of Fiji’s magical land and glittering pacific ocean. The photo is of me and my Fiancee enjoying the thrilling experience on our Trip to Fiji 2009.

5. Island Day Trip – Cruise to one of the may beautiful island and enjoy a day of relaxation and fun. Many of the tours offer lunch, entertainment, snorkelling, kayaking + much more.


6. Relax and be pampered after a days adventure with a traditional massage at one of the beautiful day spas.

7. Enjoy an authentic Fijian cultural show with dancing, fire displays, singing and other fascinating rituals and traditions. I was particularly caught up in the moment as you can see in the picture, I found the Fijians to be warm, welcoming and super friendly people who take pride in their culture and beliefs.

8. There is nothing like sitting back to relax on a hammock, as a newly wedded couple, cocktail in hand taking in the tranquillity of a beautiful sunset and warm tropical breeze. If nothing else Fiji is worth visiting just to bask in this moment, and personally is my most cherished memory of Fiji.

Happy Travelling!

Yasmin  - The Wedding Guru’s

Week 8 - Greek Traditions

Welcome to Week 8 in our ’52 Rituals/Traditions in 52 Weeks’

This week we are taking a look at the Greek Tradition where the bride smashes a glass as she leaves her parents home to signify that once smashed it can never return to it’s former glory, symbolising the couples wish to never return to the time before they shared their lives together.

The image below is of Daphne doing just that, you can see the rest of her beautiful wedding photos in our real wedding section of this website.

Daphne’s mum also throws rice and sugared almonds over her as she leaves with her father, to signify good health and fertility in the marriage. The connection of the almond with renewal and fertility is clear and the sweetness of the sugar represents purity and the sweetness of marriage.

Video Demonstration:

Beautiful Bride & Groom Vows

When we at the Wedding Guru’s read these vows we were more than a little moved and so we wanted to share them with you. While not all of us have the gift of being able to write and explain ourselves so beautifully and poetically, what we can take from others who have absolutely put their hearts out there and created some beautiful vows, is that it gives the rest of us who struggle to explain our feelings a place to start.

I want to tell you a little about the couple who wrote these vows so that you can see the words from the perspective that they were written.

The bride, (known as Natalia) is a very accomplished professional who, while establishing her career has travelled the world and raised 3 children, a daughter and then twins on her own. When she met the groom (known as Graham) he himself had been through some of his own difficult times and was the father to four children two of whom were in their late teems and the other two just toddlers. Together they fell in love with not just each other, but all the things that they each brought to the relationship and they worked long and hard to make sure that on their wedding day, they each were able to express that love and gratitude in their vows: We hope you enjoy them as we did, they are a little long but far too good to cut down!

The Wedding Guru’s

Groom’s vows

Natalia. Shall I compare you to a summer's day? No.
You are far more lovely and more constant
December breeze undressing jacarandas
And summer’s warm breadth? Too narrow.
Occasionally the sun flares too hot
Or retreats before floating mists
Every waxing beauty sometimes will wane
By chance or helped by Nature’s guiding hand
But your long endless summer shall never cool
Never be without your beauty within
Nor will heartbeats end deny your gift to me
When eighty winters besiege your brow,
Furrow your beauty,
I shall marvel in you
Still delight in your bounty.
I enter our union
Expectant of loving fully and heartily
Without fear of giving quarter
Sharing the marriage with those we love and care for.
A beacon to our children
Of commitment and committing
Perfectly balanced loving
Without pedestals.
Just eye to eye, cheek to jowl, back to back.
Half a lifetime too great an expanse to have traversed
To alight at your doorstep
So now cast aside your clocks.
Set your compass true.
Aboard for the ride of our life.
And so it is.
Just like you said it would be.”

 Bride’s Vows

Graham, you are my home, my one safe place. I fell in love with you for so many reasons, the way your eyes smile when you are happy or cheeky, your commitment to your children and those you love, your eternal optimism, your intelligence, strength and your outlook on life.

Graham, you, more than anyone, know my vulnerabilities, insecurities, frailties, and failings, yet you never take advantage, and love me all the more. You inspire, challenge, support  and nurture me. You believe in me when my own belief wavers and I am beset with self doubt. You find in me qualities that I did not trust or believe were there. Your love is unconditional, without reservation, constant, yet demanding, forthright and bold . Your love for my children and commitment to their growth and development as good, honourable, ethical, courageous and confident young people could be no greater if they were your own

What can I say to you that I haven’t already said, and what can I give you that I haven’t already given? Everything that is the essence of me belonged to you long before this. And it shall be yours, long after this, and for always.

I give you not the "spring of my life" but the languid late summer and the autumn, brisk and vibrant. Our life together  inextricably entwines our 7 beautiful children, our large circle of friends
and our loving families. We will cherish the memories of our individual pasts and build our new life together.

Let me be the shoulder you lean on, the rock on which you rest. With you I will walk the path we have chosen and together we will dream. We may stumble and  we may falter, but we will always be there for each other.

Tonight Graham, I join my life to yours. The decision to commit to share my life with you is one I make joyfully, easily and with full confidence in our love; secure in the knowledge that you are my best friend, confidant, partner in life, and my one true love. Time may pass, fortune may smile, trials may come; but no matter what we may encounter, I know we do it together, stronger for loving each other.”

Bridal Shopping - How to go about it.

 There is no doubt that shopping for your wedding is one of the best parts of being a bride.                                                                     You get a chance to get to see and try on beautiful things that you always thought were just for lucky few.  In addition, you get to turn into reality that dream you have always harboured about your Wedding look.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Whereas you may be torn between incorporating some of the ideas that you picked from observing others brides and getting ready made attire, you need to sit down and, taking your budget into account, decide what will make your day as beautiful and memorable as you want it to be .                                                                      
Once that is taken care of, the next thing to find out where to get each item that will make you the centerpiece of the wedding.                                                                                                                                                                                                           
 If you are going for a gown and changing dress that is tailored to your size and taste, you will need                                                                                                  to search for fabric .These are has many as the new arcades in the city. All the more reason for you to be clear about the colour and material you want before setting out.                                                                                                             
With the exception of bold brides, who may want different colours for their gowns, most brides go for bridal scheme by adding detailing in that colour. This could be in form of flowers, ribbon and decorative stones.                                                                                                                                                                   
For harmony ‘s sake, be sure to go shopping with  your maids so they can chose their fabric with what you want in mind. In addition when you go with your maids, there is a high likelihood you will get a discount from buying in bulk.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
There is a variety of materials at shops Queen Mary, Fair Lady Textile, Anky Designers, Shina Collections, Smart Textiles, The palm house, Betuco Uganda Limited, Tailor’s Friend Emporium and JML Bridal Center.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Depending on the material, a meter of bridal white costs about sh13,000 while off-white will cost  you sh 15,000. For your maids’ outfits, you may have to spend between sh 5,000 and sh15,000 per metre, depending on the material. Having the dresses tailored will cost between sh40,000 and sh 120,000 depending on design and tailor.
Body fitting gowns cost more as they require a lot of time and care to cut and stitch while ballroom designs cost less to stitch while ballroom designs cost less to put together, although they take up a lot of material.
However, if time is not on your side, you could buy a ready made gown and changing dress. A gown costs between sh600,000 and 1.8m. A visit to bridal paradise, Today’s bridal, Hossana Bridal Center, Lady charlotte, D2i Designs, Best bridal, Kim’ bridal and Roheel Jeweller will give you a variety of gowns to choose from. For a changing dress that will get everyone talking visit stop n’ shop, Sisters’ boutique, Bill and Bobby, Islander boutique, D2i designs. The prices range between sh100,000 and sh800,000.

Ever heard of the saying; “proper prior planning prevents pathetically poor performance?” Most Ugandans are guilty of last-minute booking with no planning at all. This creates a headache for both the couple and the travel agents. Start planning your honeymoon along with your wedding.
Set a budget. Decide whether you would like to spend more on the wedding or  the honeymoon. How much money can you spend on the honeymoon? Remember it is possible to be in a particular location but choose the 5-star, 4-star or 3-star option.
Decide what type of honeymoon to take. This is purely based on your personalities. Are you adventurous? Are you the type that prefers to be left alone? Are you water-loving? The choice is yours.  
Seek advice from a travel agency. The world of tour and travel even within your own country is complex beyond your imagination. Things like connecting flights are best done by the pros else you end up spending four hours in transit while an agency would have sorted you better. With your budget and ideal vacation in mind, take your ideas and talk them over with a travel agent. A good agent should be able to produce a number of options that will be tailored to your preferences and your budget.
Research your destination before sealing the deal: The internet, the tourist board or travel agency can provide you with information. Check out activity ideas and whether.
Know the logistics before you go. Know the distance between your hotel and all the other attractions you plan on visiting during your honeymoon. Check out hotel amenities.
Find out about necessary vaccinations or disease endemic to your preferred area for honeymooning. Visas, taxes, know it all.
Let everyone know you are on honeymoon. Hotel staff, restaurateurs and drivers should all be informed of the special occasion for your trip. Do not be shy, because divulging this information often results in special discounts, treatment or gifts.