Week 19: Blackening of the Bride

Welcome to week 19 of our "52 traditions/rituals in 52 weeks".

Yes it is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – blackening of the bride. In this Scottish ritual/tradition the poor bride is subjected to being covered in some disgusting concoctions and substances all in the name of easing her worries. Luckily for the poor bride this takes place in the days leading up to the wedding and never on the day or even the day before.

The most common way of ‘blackening’ the bride is for her friends (debatable) to take her out into the streets and smother her in every awful substance they can find, usually including things like fish guts and molasses, spoiled milk and rotten eggs and occasionally topped off with flour, feathers or anything else that may help her to look ridiculous and smell terrible.

Believe it or not, it is thought that being subjected to this ultimate humiliation will mean that any problems or humiliations the couple may see in the future and within the marriage will seem so much less worrisome or and have little meaning in comparison.
Sadly that is not the end to the ordeal – Completely covered from head to toe in the foul mix and smelling worse than you can imagine, the poor thing is then paraded through the streets, on show for all to see. Her ‘friends’ who walk ahead of her bang pots and pans to ensure the attention of the crowd and then usually lead her to a local pub or club for a celebration of her coming marriage.
Although probably pretty awful and stinky, all in all this would probably be a pretty fun ritual/tradition (or a slightly less foul version of) to do with a group of girlfriends. The photos and the laughs would definitely last a lifetime.
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18 Wedding Tips on Groom’s Fashion Guide

By Julie Ndagire

Going shopping cab be overwhelming at the best of times but when its for such a big day, you’ll most probably need some help. Don’t feel bad about it, it’ll be far more fun and will prevent stress induced bad buys. This is your big moment too and you want to get it right.

Don’t rush into anything. Take time to read lots of magazines for inspiration. If you’re still not getting anywhere, consult a professional designer of men’s clothes.

With the information from your research set a realist budget for your wedding outfit taking, everything into account and stick to it, rigidly.

Start your shopping well in advance of the wedding (preferably five months), particularly if you’re having something such as waistcoat, frockcoat or star Trek suit made, as your tailor will require lots of warning. The same applies if you are hiring an outfit –you might need to make alternations which take time.

Get yourself accurately measured for everything from waistcoats to suits.

Don’t buy anything tight fitting. It may give you bulges in all the right places but it is guaranteed to become devilishly uncomfortable after all that nuptial nosh and those bottles of bubby.

Buy your wedding shows at least a month before your wedding and wear them in as you don’t want to be begging for sandals at the reception. Not very manly

Coordinate your outfit with your bride’s and maids, by asking your bride for some details about her own dress. Whatever you do, don’t force information out of her or make her spill the beans if she really doesn’t want to. No does mean no, after all.

An ivory shirt looks better than white one which can often look like something you would wear to the office.

Make sure you wash and iron your shirt the day before so that you don’t end up with unsightly, unironable fold marks.

Morning suit wearers (grooms, best men and fathers of the bride, traditionally)
 should remember that cravats are worn by the groom and bestman only. It is ties for everyone else.

Dinner suits and black tie suits are generally reserved for formal evening dos.

Always leave the bottom button of your waistcoat undone – don’t ask why.

Never have a waistcoat matching your tie and handkerchief. Instead, choose a colour from the waistcoat and select your tie accordingly.

If you’re wearing a cravat, ensure you wear a high-necked waistcoat so that the cravat can be tucked in neatly in neatly with minimal fear of escape.

Ensure you trousers are the right length, neither too long or too short and that the sleeves of your jacket allow for an inch of the shirt cuff to be seen.

Your buttonhole should be made of the same flowers as your bride’s bouquet.

On the morning of the ceremony, don’t go the pub as way of solving wedding jitters. Go have a professional shave and manicure instead. The way you’ll be just as relaxed as if you’d downed a couple of pints. Your hands will look simply lovely when you exchange rings.

Morning wear is not in only suit. Take on board every style of jacket available – from a lounge suit  to a frockcoat or Nehru-style jacket but, above all, wear something you will feel comfortable in.

How to Achieve that Unique Wedding Look

By Betty Among

Hairstyles the world over has without a doubt undergone a dramatic evolution over years. In fact, some of the look like they might belong in the faraway future. Interestingly (and and perhaps rather thankfully), the really weird one in terms of extravagance, flamboyance and colour, have not yet quite made it onto the bridal scene.

Plaited styles are another unconventional way to do bridals hair. The favoured style is the minute braids, only plaited a little way off the scalp, leaving the ends straight, giving the stylist more options to work with on the day.
Braids can be left long to style into a chignon or to achieve a more flowing cascading hairstyle. They can also be cut short into any length of bob.
The easiest braids to style are the ones plaited with human hair,  but there are also synthetic styles out there that will hold a number of styles pretty well.
Braided styles, like dreadlocks, will make the transition from wedding day hair to honeymoon hair smoothly, without any unsightly messes that tend to resemble a bird’s nest. This is common with hair which has been weaved and bonded with extensions.

Short natural hair
I once tended to be a bride-to-be who wore her hair short. The very first time we met, what struck me about her was her considerable height (which helped her carry her distinctly pear shaped body beautifully), and her incredibly stunning face. I also remember thinking that no hairstyle would suit her better than the one she wore. Fast forward to the actual wedding day many months later; and there I was standing in front of a bride almost in tears. I had gone by to deliver some last minute items and was shocked to find the natural hair ‘gone’, and in its place a jet black, dead –straight human hair piece that had been fashioned into a short fringe with a lot of detail going on at the back. The

Look was not her at all and took away from her great beauty. I knew it, she knew it, but alas! It was too late to do anything about it because it had been bonded and heat-sealed onto her own hair! It turned out well-meaning older relative had convinced this bride that no bride kept natural hair on her wedding day. Needles to say, the bride’s day was off to a bad start…

When choosing your hairstyle for your wedding day, the trick that will ensure you look radiant and beautiful is to stay as close to your ‘regular’ style as possible. Only consider adding a bit of ‘glam’. For instance you could texturize your short natural hair, just to give it abit of polished sophistication. Add a trendy fascinator for that extra pizzazz.

When you are completely comfortable with your hair, make-up and everything that completes your entire look, it will show in the way you carry yourself and without knowing it, you will exude a radiance that no bride should be without on her special day.

That is not to say that wedding day hair has not also had a few non-traditional changes of its own. After what seemed like ages of seeing straight wedding hair styled into one up-do or another, I was pleasantly surprised to see a lovely bride with beautifully styled dreadlocks featured on the cover of every magazine.

Many times, dreadlocks have been frowned upon in our conservative cultural society, and even now, they enjoy a love-hate relationship with most people.

But the number of young ‘corporate’ women wearing their hair in dreadlocks (whether genuinely-grown or cleverly crafted), is on the rise; so much so that whereas before, a brie either chose to conceal with a wig or more drastically, cut off her dreadlocks, for fear of ‘offending’ the in-laws and other elders; today’s bride will wear her dreadlocked hair with pride on her special day.

A Wedding that Sparkles


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A bridal Kit- What it must contain.

By Julie Ndagire

What happens if the zipper of the bride’s gown snaps open? If her gown gets a tear? If her make up is washed off by a drizzle or if her hair is blown by the wind? Would she face her guests with a shabby look? Here are items to include in the bridal kit that can be carried by the matron to fix mishaps.
Bridal Kit

Needles and Threads
These help to fix a tear neatly. Ensure the threads are in colours of the gown, changing dress and theme colours of the maids’ dresses. You do not need whole rolls of thread just a metre rolled on a piece of paper is adequate.

Spare buttons.
In case the bride’s gown has buttons, they are needed to replace buttons that fall off.

The handkerchief
The matron can use it to dab sweat off the bride’s face and prevent the foundation from running.

Facial Bloating Tissue
Used to remove excess oil as the day progresses leaving the bride’s make-up fresh. Tissue can be used by pressing your lips together in between. This helps to keep the lipstick on longer, then apply lip gloss.

Feminine wipes for freshness in the nether regions.
Body wipes to clean the bride’s hands
Perfume. A vail of scent is light to carry and allows the bride to freshen up in the course of the day.

Safety pins. These come in handy when buttons and zips come undone.

Brooch. There is a stylist who swears by this accessory. She plays around with it on the lapel of a jacket, on dresses below the shoulder blade and as a fastener on a belt made from fabric. You can use the brooch to disguise a coverup a tear near the shoulder.

Hairpins. These help to keep hair in place and neat.

Sanitary pads. These are needed for emergency, you never know when the bride’s periods might start. Even for brides with a regular cycle there have been surprises the excitement a wedding brings may cause the bride’s hormones to act up.

Pant liners. These are useful if the bride just ended her period or if she gets a light flow.

Fabric Glue. Can be used to stick detail on shoes finished with fabric incase the bow falls off

Makeup kit. As long as the matron can expertly apply make-up then this is a necessary tool. Include lip gloss, eye liner and eye shadow. Make up enhances bride’s features.

Compact powder. This is preferred to foundation because when you keep applying
The latter often, the face will look caked. However, the compact powder should be recommended by your beautician.

Hens Night Post It Note Game

This game is a fantastic way to give the bride a fun and memorable night along with some wonderful memories and keepsakes.

Give all of your guests a post-it note and pen and ask them to write a short sentence of a memory they have of the bride. Collect the notes and place them on a hard surface. The bride then has to read out each of the notes and guess who wrote it whilst explaining the story in full out loud. A story about childhood memories, ex boyfriends, drunken nights and girls gossip is welcome and a must to ensure a good laugh!

Find more fun hens night games here!

How to tame your bride and be gentle and loving about it.

By Julie Ndagire

The bride is one of the most reverend persons in human socio-cultural settings. It is the objective, or so it would seem, for every girl to one day be a bride.

This peculiar idea seems to pervade all cultures across the globe, with a consistency that is rather impressive; “One day, little girl, all lights will be on you; the world, for a little while, will be your oyster. In fact, for at least 24 hours, as for you are concerned, anything goes and at the end of the night, you will be married to your prince and leave for a beautiful gold-tinted future…”

So we go and create a little pocket of expectations in these sweet, often innocent young little thing, and they grow up into reasonable adults with one worrying schizophrenic flaw typified by a thought running thought out their minds; “I will rule with an iron-hand on my wedding day.”

Between the time she says, “Yes” to your marriage proposal and the time you sweep her away into the honeymoon suite with the Do Not Disturb sign attached to the door knob, you need to understand that you are holding a ticking bomb in your hands.

So how do you, the slightly bewildered groom, deal with this one rational young lady that seemed like the ultimate soul mate before the count-down to wedding date actually started, now seems to be about as insane as a nuclear explosion in Siberia? (It might sound extreme but there is a reason why wedding planners often refer to brides a ‘bridezella’)

After chatting with a few grooms that have walked down the aisle over the last 10 years or so, and me being involved in a number of weddings, I have decided this tentative blue-print, seeing as the subject matter (the bride) is an often volatile and highly unpredictable phenomenon.

Five ways to Tame your bride
It is advisable to say yes to atleast 90% of the suggestions that wife to be comes up with. This is an unfortunate but basic truism of the bridal process. She has already said yes to you went down on bended knee (or in case you did it by text message). Because she said yes, she figures you owe her an alarming number of yeses in return, and these will include but not be limited to:
a) The guestlist, which will triple in number, atleast;
b) Cake, which will be large enough to feed a small police force (if you are lucky)
c) The colour theme, which will include colours that you will probably be hearing about for the first time: azure, hot pink and lavender (and yes, lavender is apparently a colour!);
d) A bill from the salon that rivals the bill from the caterers (be particularly careful about this bill, and say yes with a firm casual nod of your head ; it’s a minefold)

Keep away from her
Women don’t just get cold feet; they take it to extremes, and sometimes get feet so cold, you would think they were Eskimos on leave. Stay as far from your bride as possible, and try to keep yourself busy with something. Different time zones would be ideal but if you cannot manage that, at least let her stay at her mom’s or something; she is so volatile, trying to figure out whether she has made the right decision or not that one single fight, one tiny disagreement over whether the centre-piece should have carnations or roses and the wedding is off.

Do not let her handle the budget
Women are wonderful with money; they save it well, use it well, and are generally favoured by banks…except when it’s their wedding question. If she helps you put together the budget, it will end up looking like the expense spreadsheet for a small (but rather wealthy) country. Leave other important details to her (she can take months agonizing over the d├ęcor and the dress, not much damage possible there), but letting her decide where the engagement ring is coming from or choosing the honeymoon destination is sheer madness.

Befriend her friends
Remember all those friends of hers you couldn’t stand? Now’s the time to find as many allies as you can; take them shopping, have tea with them or something equally appalling but make them your friends, fast! They will hold her hand, wipe her mascara when it runs and help keep her from running off into the night like Julia Roberts Wannabe (remember Run away bride) in case the whim overtakes the poor stressed-out dear thing.

Surprise Her
Keep somethings about the wedding away from her. Maybe it’s a guest artist singing a ballad she loves; maybe its an old childhood friend whose ticket you paid for so she could fly in to attend the darned thing; Keep something pleasant away from her, so when she is getting cranky and a little fidgety at the reception (those bridal gowns are not as comfortable as they look), you can get her smiling again.

It pays to have a smiling bride, my friend…and then maybe, just maybe, you will head for that gold-tinted happily ever-after without further incident.

The 3am Wedding

At The Wedding Gurus we spend hours looking through blog posts, Facebook pages and tweets in order to find interesting, unique stories and up to date information to bring you. Every now and then we come across something that stands out from the crowd and our next post definitely did that!

'The 3am Wedding' by Michelle Wichello really caught our eye and we just knew that we had to share it with you all.

Michelle  also just happens to be one our many fabulous celebrants from 'Blessed Be Ceremonies' as listed on our 'Celebrants' page.

We hope you enjoy this story as much as we did and don't forget to check out Michelles page for other great stories.

3AM. The wee wee hours of a Wednesday morning in Autumn. An auspicious time for South Australian couple Crystal & Chris. A waterfall. A hill to climb before reaching it. In the dark. A celebrant, two witnesses & a couple of confused police thrown in for good measure (something blue?).

Are they vampires or something? No, they are not. 3am is just a very special time for them as 1 year and 1 day ago at 3am, the Groom proposed to his Bride.
“When I arrived in the car park at 2am on the morning of the ceremony, I was met by the couple and their two witnesses being questioned by the Police.” Explains Michelle Wichello of Blessed Be the celebrant called upon to unite these two in sleepless matrimony. “My first thoughts were **** after all this preparation we’re not going to be able to go ahead with their wedding.  The bride had her white dress hitched up around her waist and was sporting runners for the walk up the track to the second falls, the groom was in a lime green suit (well it was St Patrick’s Day) and the police men wore the biggest grins that I had ever seen. They must have thought we were bonkers. After convincing the police that we were indeed there to perform a marriage ceremony, the officers departed with the words, “mate, all we wanted to tell you was that your tail lights are out.”

They set off into the pitch blackness of the bush with torches swinging on the dreaded uphill walk to their chosen site. While Michelle set up her equipment, the best man ran around stringing solar fairy lights and lanterns. With the place looking totally magical and the sound of the falls running in the back ground they performed their wedding ceremony. Beautiful, intimate and full of laughter and fun.

Michelle says it’s “A ceremony that I will remember forever. Thank you to the crazy couple who had this mad idea. Oh yeah, they also chose for me to pronounce them as ‘partners in crime’.” What an awesome (and dedicated!) way to infuse your story, your love & a little of your nuttiness into your wedding day.

The Wedding Gurus  xxx

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Latest Wedding Bridal Gloves

By Julie Ndagire

Lately, gloves have given way to bracelets and bare arms/ wrists. Wedding bridal gloves, however, are one of the fashion accessories that still make a statement on may a bridal ensemble. Long (above the elbow) gloves bring classic royalty to mind, while short (wrist-length) gloves invoke a chic trendy feel.

Unlike ball gowns, bejeweled combs, lace and shoes which you are likely to wear on other special occasion, gloves are not something you will wear to a cocktail party or friend’s wedding.

Make your wedding day special and wear this fashion item which make stand out and almost have a special ‘untouchable’ quality.

From the romance of lace and tulle, to classic satin and luxurious embellished sheer styles, you will be spoilt for choice.

Elegant sheer full length gloves with intricate embroidery

Understated plain satin gloves to complement an embellished gown.

Luxurious sparkly tulle with pearl and sequin embellishment

Romantic tulle wrist-length wedding gloves with floral motif

A classic timeless satin wedding gloves with floral motif

Embellished wedding bracelet

Hair Care Tips for a bride-to-be

By Betty Among
When you see a bride with lustrous hair, do not think it has just happened miraculously. It takes a lot of effort to achieve that look.

According to Mugisha and Benja Waiswa of O’leaf Salon, opposite Pioneer Mall, there are a lot of things a bride-to-be needs to do to have beautiful hair on her day. The stylists share their tips:

Find out your hair type. Is it oily, dry or in between? Knowing your hair type will help you use the products that are appropriate for your hair.

Wash your hair regularly with Shampoo- at least once a week. This makes the scales of the hair open up and helps remove the excess dirt. It is always good to use shampoo that is made of a mild cleansing base and gentle in action. Apply regularly, use anti-dandruff and lice treatments.

Give proper conditioning to the hair. Use a good hair conditioner which helps smoothen the hair and leaves it shiny, smooth to comb and clean.

Days before the wedding, avoid using blow dryers, brushes or straightening irons on your hair as these may weaken and break it. Use wide-toothed combs regularly to remove tangles from the hair.

Avoid combing hair when it is dripping wet. This may lead excessive breakage as wet hair is quite fragile.

If you can, go for some special treatment like oil massage, overnight oil application and hot oil treatments. These help maintain a healthy scalp.

Use aromatic head massages to release stress and sleep at least seven hours daily.

It is important to have a balanced diet, drink 8-10 glasses of water daily and have lots of calcium in your daily food as to avoid high blood pressure and tensed up muscles owing to the stress of the wedding. Food rich in Calcium are yoghurt, soybeans, milk, cheese, spinach, cereals, soymilk and grains.

If you can, drink coconut water at least twice a week. It gives a magical effect to your hair, hydrates the body and removes toxins from your systems.

Avoid going for a drastic hair change a few days before the wedding.

Do not comb your hair roughly because it will break. Cyrus Gachoki, the executive director of ImagineWise consultancy and a hair specialist advises ladies to first comb their hair at the tips then move on to the middle hair and then comb hair at the root last.

Finally, the final hair-dressing product too is important. Use a good hair gel that will give a mild hold for your hair so it does not look unkempt on the wedding day.

Latest Hair Care Tips for a Bride

By Julie Ndagire

When organizing a wedding, most times the bride is very busy running up and down attending to everything from the gown, shoes to accessories. Not much attention is put on the hair yet this is an important area that calls for attention if she is to look glamorous on her the big day.

Hair care calls for more than just styling the hair on the wedding day according to Jeph Mugisha, a professional hairstylist  and director of Jephi’s salon on Jinja Road. Many wait for the day before the wedding to go for retouch or treatment.

Dealing with your Stylist
Mugisha advises a bride to choose their stylist as early as possible (six months). “This will help them know your hair well. The stylist is then able to monitor the progress of your hair and recommend what is best for you,” he advises.

He says that much as every bride-to-be has a right to choose her hairstyle for their wedding day, it is important to involve their hairstylist in making this decision.

Choosing a Hairstyle.
The simple and easier way for a bride is to hold her hair backwards as it helps to bring out her face clearly.
Promise Alati, a hairstylist of Clever Salon on Mabirizi complex, advises brides not to go for extravagant and complicated hairstyles. “Sometimes a bride may look as if she is carrying something on her head. Most brides do not look good with over-the-top hairstyles because the decoration is too much. Something nice and simple is always the best.” She advises.
A bride should consider the shape of her head when choosing a hairstyle, according to Mugisha.

“One may have seen a bride look good with  particular hairstyle and want it as well but they have to understand that they have different head shapes and what looks good on one might not look good on the other. It is always important to try out different styles before the wedding to know which one looks best on you,” he advises

Week 18 - Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed & Something Blue

Welcome to week 18 of our "52 traditions/rituals in 52 weeks."

One of the most common and recognised wedding traditions has to be “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” – and if you are going all the way then “And a Sliver Sixpence in her Shoe.”

Of the many thousands of traditions that have come and gone over the centuries, this old English rhyme from the Victorian era is one that has truly stood the test of time and for some reason is still the most popular of all rituals/traditions in our modern society.

"Something Old" is said to symbolise the special connection that the bride has with her own family and that she will maintain to them and to her origins and her past. ‘Something Old – usually gives rise for the bride to choose something that is meaningful from the family, perhaps an heirloom or a piece of her grandmother (or other family members) jewellery. Another option, far more popular in the past than in recent times, is the wearing of a wedding gown belonging to her mother or grandmother.

"Something New" signifies that if the bride has something new then  good fortune and success will be in abundance as she begins her new life with her husband. ‘Something new’ can be anything of her choosing, but if she is not wearing an old dress then her new wedding dress is often a good choice.

"Something Borrowed" is a reminder to the bride of her strong friendships and family bond. The borrowing of an item will give her a sense that she will have love and support whenever she may need it and always have others to lean on when times are tough. The borrowed item can be anything of her choosing, but is most often something that is easily concealed, worn or able to fit in a small purse.

"Something Blue" Is a symbol of love, faithfulness, modesty, fidelity and loyalty. In ancient Roman times the colour blue was the colour that represented all of these (Evidenced by the Virgin Mary in blue). Brides often wore blue wedding gowns in those times and a today still honour this by wearing a blue garter.

 "A Silver Sixpence in her Shoe" A sixpence is an old British coin, which was said to bring the good wishes of loved ones to the bride for financial security and happiness if worn in her shoe. For the best of fortune, she should be sure to ware it in her left shoe. In modern times any other silver coin may be used as a substitute, but there are places that sell keepsake sixpences for weddings.

Superstition warns us that a bride who carries these objects will ensure that she is blessed with a happy, long and prosperous married life. While we love this tradition and all of its sentiment, every bride is beautiful and lucky on her big day and if you don’t manage to have all of these items then begin your own tradition with what you do have and find significance in them.

The Wedding Gurus

Latest Wedding Grooms Hairstyles

By Betty Among

A wedding is not a day for the bride. The groom too must be part of it all the way. Imagine the sight of a well groomed couple walking down the aisle. Guys, you too can look elegant if you put effort into preparing and caring about your looks especially your hair and clothes. As far as hair is concerned, most grooms choose the easiest way out-cutting it all off. While this may be safe choice for groom, you can think of an alternative which cab be a wonderful surprise for her. For as long as you look stylish and elegant, go for a hair do that suits your face and shape of head. Here are some tips to guide you;

Long face (Dog Face)
A groom  with a dog face can try out the Mohawk hairstyle, This  hairstyle is also known has ‘stamina hair cut’. If the groom is the kind who always spots a clean shaven head, he can settle for a brush comb Mohawk for his wedding day.

Puff Daddy

Mose Kyaligonza, a barber at Ultra Salon advises a groom with a dog face to try out the hip hop hair cut (Puff Daddy) with curls.

A groom with a cat face can also try out the ‘puff Daddy’ hairstyle with round curls used and only at the top of the head, according to Martin Mutebi, a hair stylist and barber from Hair Lounge Unisex salon.

The Box cut
Though an old style, a groom can still look good, especially if the cut is done by a professional barber, says Mutebi.

Shaba Ranks Cut
For the daring and stylish dog-faced grooms, Kyaligonza advise the Shaba ranks hair cut. It is close to the Mohawk hair cut, only that one side is clean shaven while the other side is sharpened towards the front.

Cornrows and dreadlocks can work for daring and stylish grooms. However, be aware that some churches like the Seventh Day Adventists forbid grooms from wearing dreads. So if you intend to have dreadlocks, find out if there will be any restrictions for you.

Big Afro Hair
Big Afro hair overshadows the face as the head takes the attention. Mutebi advises grooms with big heads to avoid this hairstyle as it may make them appear disproportionate with big head and smaller body.

Cat Face
Joseph Kato, a hairstylist at the hair clinic, says a groom with a cat face can waer an afro hair cut, but that the afro should be trimmed in a round shape to match with the face shape.

He says that for a cat-faced groom who has been growing his hair but does not want to wear an afro, cornrows or dreadlocks can work for him if he is comfortable, with them. lf he is not comfortable , then the other option is trim  the hair to an even level , Kato advices .
Kyaligonza notes that a well- trimmed even hair cut goes well with side bans or Craig David’s beard trim commonly known as ‘Channel O
 The groom can be more daring, and go for a clean shave (marine hair cut), which is also very advisable for cat-faced grooms,” Kato says.

‘Edged’ Head And Saggy Skin
Kyaligonza says that for a groom with a saggy skin scalp, the best style for them is the    ‘three- layers hair cut.’ He explains that this hair cut is a clean shave at the first layer down, then a tight shave at the second, and finally a brush comb length at the third layer .He says these three layers help to cover up the saggy skin .
 For a head with ‘edges’, Kato advises growing hair to at least two inches so that the edge may not be very visible. With the help of a professional hair dresser, such a groom can then choose to wear an afro , dreadlocks, or cornrows.

Bald Head
 “The are hardly any choice for a groom with a pronounced bald head. The best hair cut for him is the marine cut,” Kato notes.

Hair Care Tips
A groom –to –be to visit the saloon at least three times before the wedding to have his hair, eyebrows and beard washed , shampooed , conditioned, treated and re-trimmed to level
For the wavy or curly hair cuts ,the groom must be give n special curl oils and sprays like olive spray s like olive spray, gel or other curl activating oils to keep the curls in place.
For grooms with edged or saggy heads, who want to grow their hair before the wedding .He says they should seek advise  from a professional hair stylist on what hair products to use to help induce fast hair growth

For the groom wearing either cornrows or dreads for the first time should have the hair done a day before the wedding. T hose who already have dreads should have dreads should have them repaired or treated a day to the wedding.

Week 17 - Earth Ritual

Welcome to week 17 in our ’52 Rituals/Traditions in 52 Weeks’

Many wedding rituals and traditions have a strong focus on the bride and groom and where appropriate, their children. These rituals seek to show the significance and beauty in bringing two individuals together or in uniting a couple and their children whether from previous relationships or their own.

The ritual we are sharing with you today does this, but it goes a little further by involving all of the family and friends in attendance. They not only take part, but are asked to contribute and it is this contribution that sets the foundation for the ritual.

When you send out your wedding invitations you will need to include a small note asking each guest to bring a small jar or container filled with some dirt from around their home. (It only needs to be a small amount especially if you have a lot of guests coming.)

At the ceremony have a medium sized plant pot and a seedling ready on a nearby table. At the time in the ceremony when the ritual is to be done, the officiant may say something (and this is just our preferred version of the wording) such as:

"Bride(name) & Groom(name) have chosen to include a special ritual in their ceremony today that involves you all as their loved ones – the people that they hold most dear.

Each of you has been asked to bring a small amount of earth which was lovingly taken from your own home filled with love and hope and today it is hoped that as each of you place your earth into this plant pot, it will retain that love.

Once the pot is full Bride(name) & Groom(name) will plant the seedling that sits beside it, ready to grow and be nourished by the love of all of you.

I would now like to invite the parents and grandparent’s to come forward."

(Once they’ve finished)

"If everyone else could now please also come forward." (When complete and everyone has added their earth)

"Bride(name) & Groom(name) – your pot has now been filled with the love, hope and best wishes of all of your family and friends. It has been taken from their own lives, their own homes and now given to you to be the base of your future life together. As you now plant the seedling, let its growth and beauty be a constant reminder of the blending of your two lives and families and the love and support that they have for you as they watch you grow together."

(Couple finish planting the seedling and the officiant returns to concluding the ceremony)

This ritual is easy to do and very effective. As long as everyone participates its significance is beautiful and memorable. The wording can be changed and easily adapted to suit.

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Latest Bridal/Wedding Salon Services

By Julie Ndagire
Brides and grooms need extra care and time pampering. Owing to the stress that comes with planning a wedding, there is need for pampering to look relaxed and healthy on the wedding day. Below is what you need to do.

Choose a convenient Salon
Irene Ditsi, the managing director of Nadia’s salon highlights the importance of choosing a salon six months before the wedding. This will enable you to familiarize yourself with the beauticians there so they can study you and know exactly what you need. “It will also give you enough to do trials of makeup, hairstyles and skin treatments in case the skin needs special care,” says Ditsi.

Facial Treatment
A facial treatment can guarantee your facial skin deep cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration which helps to unclog the pores and get rid of deep seated dirt and impurities that affect the overall health and appearance of your skin.

Your skin type determines whether or not you need a facial treatment, according to Diisi. If you need it then to have a time allowance before the wedding because at times the chemicals used may react and it will only need cleansing and toning. Go to a qualified beautician who will know your skin type and work on it accordingly.

Make up
A bride needs to try out the make-up at least a month before her wedding to make sure a beautician uses the proper shade for her skin.

Body mask and scrubs
Julie Tuhaise, a beautician at combing Attractions, advises brides and grooms to start on facial masks atleast a month to the wedding especially if you have not been applying them. “Since some skins are sensitive, one need to start on masks early enough soo that irritations can be controlled, Tuhaise advises.

A body mask helps in firming the skin while a body scrub removes the dead skin and toxins and makes the skin glow and bright. A bride should do the mask and scrub twice a week or month depending on the skin type and her budget.

A massage helps one’s muscles and body relax. Running up and down while organizing your wedding stresses you and therefore a massage to relax your muscles once a week will make you feel fresh.

Experts believe that your body releases a hormone that makes you happy called endorphin when you are in your most relaxed state.

Manicure and Pedicure
A foot scrub helps to soften the skin of the feet. Women need it more than men. Women wear open shoes most of the time which makes their feet hard. Men wear closed shoes often and may not need a foot scrub. “When you soak your feet in water do not over scrub them because you will be taking off both the wanted and unwanted skin which protects your feet and this may expose you to diseases. Just use a sponge at home or a very soft scrubber or pumice stone and then moisturize them.”
Diisi advises brides to do a French manicure because it looks smart and can match with any shoe and outfit.

How To Choose A Bridal Salon

By Betty Among
Have you witnessed a bride throwing an almighty tantrum in the salon on the morning of her wedding ? Could she just be spoiled ? Abridezilla perhaps ? Well, it could be none of the aforementioned. There is a possibity that the stylist is not getting it right, and for any number of reasons. The saloon plays a big role on the wedding day because it will dertermine how you will turn out visually ; and you do want to turn out beautifully and stun everybody, do you  not ? Consider the following when choosing the saloon:

Location and setup.
Is the location close to your venue for the ceremony ? You do not want to risk being caught up in traffic and arrive late for the ceremony. Is the parking lot ample enough to accomadate  cars for the bridal party and for there other key people invited with the saloon preons for the day?
If you intend to dressup in the saloon , is the space adequate? Is there a dressing room fitted with full-length mirror?

I once witnessed a salon operator unscrupulously mixing up a superior hair product with an inferior one to get more volume .There are also cases of cheaper  products being re-packaged in discarded containers of more 'upmarket" product,and being sold as such to unsuspecting clients.This can result in serious damage to your hair and scalp.

Be vigilant and take the trouble to find out what products the salon uses and  if they are appropriate for you.
This goes back to sticking with service providers that you have worked with on a regular basis. It will be easier to take them to task than with a completely new person.

The existing salons today are almost too many to count . It is not obviously the case that a big and seemingly fully equipped salon will provide the best service; neither does it automatically mean that a smaller modest salon implies suspiciously poor service .Both can deliver the great service you desire as long as you desire as long as you know what you  are looking for.

Stylist, Makeup Artists and Nail Technicians
These are probably the most important aspects to consider when picking out a salon because they will determine the end result.
The wise thing to do is to work with regular salon .There is no need to tryout some new swanky place that may be trending at that moment. Stick with the people who know your hair and skin and guide them on any special details you would like to add.

A clean salon will provide the ambience for a good start to your day. Does the salon keep clean towels? is the floor regurlary mopped in between clients?Are the restrooms up to scratch?

Before you make your booking , ensure the salon is not overbooked . it can be very disheartening on your wedding day to see your stylist fitting around from one bridal party to the next. Insist on knowing how many other brides are booked on the  same day or at the same time as you are, and then you can make an informed decision.

Pre-Day Services
We all need extra pampering towards our weddings, so that we turn out our best. A good salon should make a pre- wedding plan for you and offer you a package  involving hair, skin and nail treatments starting at least three months to the day.