Movie Review: The 5 Year Engagement

Picture courtesy of: IMDb

Taking some time out from our usual writing, The Wedding Gurus decided to temporarily break free of the chains that usually bind us to our desks, pick up giant popcorn and massively oversized drinks and head to the movies for some fun, lighthearted entertainment.

Of course we couldn't stray too far from our favourite topic 'weddings', so we spent two fun filled hours eating through all of our goodies and watching 'The Five Year Engagement'.

The film starring Jason Segel (Tom) and Emily Blunt (Violet) sees Tom propose to his girllfriend one year after meeting, but as they begin to make plans one thing after another just seems to get in the way and the wedding looks like it will never take place.

The movie had some funny moments, but also some sad ones and definitely a lot of things that many of us who have been engaged can relate to. Just as the couple did in the movie, so often we become consumed with life and getting everything exactly perfect before doing the things that we really want to that we end up never actually getting around to doing what we set out to.

Perhaps we don't see it (or maybe we do on some subconcious level), but we tell ourselves whatever makes it ok - Once we move house, when we have more money, when we start or leave our job.


Through alll of the comical twists and turns in the movie, the tear jerking moments and the 'ah-ha' moments, the overall message is clear: CARPE DIEM - SEIZE THE DAY!

The only time that you have is right now so work with what you have, DIY what you can and just go for it!

Overall we loved the movie especially the ending that we will definitely not ruin for you even though we are dying to make comment on.

We give the movie 4 stars out of 5.

The Wedding Gurus