Honeymoon Destination of the Month - October

The Wedding Gurus take you on a journey to

Not only is Penang renowned for its breathtaking beaches and rainforest landscapes but also for the enjoyment brought to its guests of indulging in food, shopping and nightlife. You will be amazed at what you can find in the quaint little streets of Georgetown and Penang Island whether you are looking for relaxation, fun or adventure.
Destination: Penang
Capital: George Town
Location: West coast of mainland Malaysia
Distance from Australia: Approx 8.5 hours
Average Temperature: Tropical 30°
Recommended Length of Stay: 1 week
Recommended Hotel: Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa – where as a honeymoon couple you may be entitled to complimentary spa treatments, wine, fruit platter & chocolates (subject to change by hotel)
My Top 10 must do’s (Refer to Locations on the Map):

1. Relax by the famous Batu Ferringhi beach.

2. Take a trishaw ride (a small peddle powered vehicle) around the UNESCO world heritage listed “George Town”.

3. Shop at the many day and night markets, especially the famous Batu Ferringhi markets where you will find your fake designer bags/clothes, DVDs and other local handicrafts. Remember to haggle and don’t buy the first thing you see, have a look around as it often can be cheaper a couple of stores down. Along with your markets there are modern shopping plazas also.

4. Visit the array of culturally inspiring Churches, Temples & Mosques.
(Pictured: Buddhist Temple in the Chinese City of Penang – isn’t it stunning!)

5. As the sun set George town comes alive, here you will find pubs and clubs full of live bands, dj’s, karaoke and a lot of fun tourists alike.

6. Relax and be pampered after a days adventure with a traditional massage at one of the beautiful day spas.

7. The Penangites love to eat, be sure to sample many of their delicious Malay, Chinese and Indian dishes either street side or in the restaurants.

8. Visit the snake temples, tropical spice garden (pictured) or butterfly farm.

9. Take a tour of historic sites, villages and plantations.
(Pictured: Porta De Santiago the oldest European architectural remain in Asia)

10. Penang Hill is some 830m above sea level, travel there by train and enjoy a stroll along the canopy trail amongst the rainforest and be amazed by the birdseye view of the island, better yet bask in the romance by staying to watch the sunset.
Special Reccomendation: From Penang I would recommend catching a ferry to my next favourite destination Langkawi which takes approx. 2.5 hours and is the perfect way to complete the Honeymoon of your dreams. You will find the major airlines such as Malaysia Airlines will offer flights from Australia into Penang and out of Langkawi, making them the perfect combination.

Next month I will cover the top ten must do’s in Langkawi so stay tuned!
Happy Travelling!

Gold Wedding Rings | Verragio Mens Wedding Rings 2011

Gold Wedding Rings. Until not long ago, it was customary to give the man a gold ring when they asked his girlfriend's hand in marriage. However, today's most common partner to go buy the engagement ring or wedding together. This makes sense, even if less romantic, since the user can get the design you like.

The most used for wedding rings and engagement rings is gold. White gold is even more exclusive. Gold rings wedding look lovely if the design is a live band, basic or a ring recorded as a Celtic knot. Gold rings can be given on other occasions and, of work. Some people give their children a gold ring for his coming of age birthday.

gold wedding rings for men

Gold symbolizes purity in plenty of cultures and is of the reasons given to brides and brides to be. The symbolism is very lost, but in the consumer society in the West today. For plenty of people, but still symbolizes the hope that it will stay faithful to each other, until the day of his death. It is a way of showing that the user has taken vows and the means to support them.

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There's a selection of gold rings available. However, the variety is not only in design but also the purity of gold. Naturally, the purer the gold, the more pricey. In the United Kingdom, most gold rings are 9 or 18 carats. In the U.S., most of the rings 14 karat gold, but in Thailand, few people buy gold that is less than 18 karat and 22 karat is the norm for females. Pure gold is 24 karat, pure gold is so pliable but that can be molded with bare hands.

Blessings for an amazing and beautiful life

Last Saturday I (Susan) attended a beautiful church ceremony of some friends and in all of the weddings that I have attended or officiated, something happened to me for the first time.
I don’t know if it was because the bride was quite young or if her dark hair and features just stirred up something in me, but as she stood at the door of the church and all I could see of her was her dress, she paused for quite a while with her father waiting for her song to begin.

For the guests the pause created an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement and for me I had tears welling up in my eyes when for the first time I was propelled some years into the future and was imagining that this was my own beautiful dark haired daughter.

I thought of her standing there, so beautiful, full of love and looking forward to her amazing future and my heart just filled with emotion and pride. All of a sudden I couldn’t help wondering when I had stopped dreaming of me as the bride up there about to walk in to the ooohing and aaaahing of the crowd (even though I had already been one, do we ever stop dreaming of it?)

Yes, it was definite, I was getting old. No longer dreaming of those moments for myself, but now for my children. For a moment I will admit I felt a bit sad about that, but quickly realised that it was life’s natural and perfect progression that I’d had my turn and now was the opportunity to look forward to theirs. As she walked down the aisle, smile beaming and looking radiant, she held on tightly to her fathers arm. I looked to the front of the church to see her mother, who was looking back at the two of them and sobbing hopelessly! That would be me one day.

I know I have harped on about this before, but looking at her mum, I couldn’t help but hope that when it is my daughter’s turn to walk down that aisle, she asks me to walk her down too. Nothing would make me prouder than to stand beside her on her biggest day and walk her proudly to her groom. Kissing her cheek and giving her my blessings for an amazing and beautiful life.

Susan. xxx

Bridal Chandelier Earrings | Bridal Earrings Crystal

Bridal Chandelier Earrings . The wedding dress is the most important of all the bride, of course, but the style in which the bride wears her hair and makeup play a role in how the whole picture comes together. This season, brides are opting for sophisticated and elegant beauty with a timeless appeal. These are some of the key beauty trends for weddings wedding autumn and winter.

Updos are back in fashion this fall and winter brides. The brides have moved away from the beach, bohemian look for hairstyles that complement the sophisticated dresses this season trumpet and a lady of 1950 inspired styles. Hairstyles are polished and neat, it exudes a sophisticated confidence. The brides are not afraid to look like adults this fall. A classic bow, a bow low, or asymmetrical knot swept away are among the best hairstyles for fall and winter brides. To create more visual interest, the sections of hair for the first time can be twisted before being shot in the bow or knot. When the hair goes up, slopes tend to be longer, so look for pearls or crystal earrings lamp for use with these updos.

Bridal Jewelry is equally sophisticated hair this season. The bride who wants a helmet that is visible from the front should opt for an elegant jewelry tiara. The headset can add as much as a tiara sparkle, but the fit around the head is more real than princessy. The feathers are still a hot wedding trend, and a group of feathers black or white looks great tucked in the side of a twisted knot. Crystal chandelier earrings complement this chic town. Discrete type A beautiful bridal jewelry hair is a set of crystal or pearl hairpins. The great thing about the forks is their incredible versatility.

Unique Wedding Ring Sets | Unique Wedding Ring Sets for Women

Unique Wedding Ring Sets. Wedding ring games can be a good choice thanks to its added cost. Wedding ring sets usually cost a little less than the purchase of otherwise equivalent engagement rings and wedding bands separately. They also have a unique visual appearance that does not correspond with any other type of ring. The complexities and considerations that means that the purchase of ring games can be a more complicated process than buying any other single ring, and also more expensive, at least as a one-time investment. Here are some pointers on how to keep costs down without sacrificing quality when you look through ring games.

Using the "design your own" feature for ring games at any major online retailer of diamonds may be a good way to customize your ring while ensuring maximum value. We usually recommend the choice of diamonds before adjustments to the pieces, but as the process of choosing one option may be more involved with wedding ring sets, which can be a good idea to start with an adjustment time.

Most of settings designed to be used as ring games will be matched appropriately with respect to style. Usually the engagement ring features at least one diamond solitaire, and often some stones or more assets either in a pavé or channel settings. The portion of the wedding ring usually have the same style as half of compromise, less lonely, but there are cases where, for example, the engagement ring offers only one solo, while the wedding ring has several smaller stones in a pavé setting.