Week 9 - Unity Candle Lighting Ceremony

Welcome to week 9 of our '52 traditions / rituals in 52 week' this week we are bringing to you a demonstration of a 'Unity Candle Lighting Ceremony'. Our resident celebrant blogger susan considers it to be one of the most popular ceremonies she performs.

Step by Step Guide:

The unity candle ceremony is seen more and more frequently throughout the weddings of today. The ceremony symbolizes the pledge of unity between the bride and groom and the merging of two families.

As a general rule there are 3 candles required to perform a unity candle ceremony which consist of 1 large centre candle and 2 slim (or taper) candles. The mothers of the bride and groom may light the 2 taper candles the bride and groom then take these candles and proceed to light the single large candle representing their two lives and two families uniting as one.

The two single candles may then be blown out to represent the extinguishing of their single lives, or more popular today may be kept alit to symbolize although united through marriage their individualism is still present in their lives.

Video Demonstration:

Wording Example:

The lighting of these family candles symbolise __ and __ separate lives and pasts before today (bride and grooms mums light the candles). Through the love, support, wisdom and guidance they have both received from their families, they are here today to join their lives as one.

__ and __, with the light from your family candles, unite the two flames into one (bride and groom light centre candles). The unity of this flame symbolises the union of your families and your separate lives, into a commitment made in love and kept in faith. The two of you now have a fire that represents love, understanding and the future. It will give you warmth and happiness through even the darkest times. This new fire represents a new beginning, a new life and a new family.

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