Top 3 Wedding Hairstyles 2012

The Updo Bun:                                                                                         


The updo bun I think is one of the classiest looks of all time and my top wedding hairstyle pick for 2012. Whether you finish the bun with a diamante band, with a plait or a hairpiece you cannot fail this sleek and stunning look.

Plaits & Braids:                                                                                       

I predict plaits and braids to be the up and coming look for brides in 2012. Whether you are planning a high bun, low bun, sleek or messy look they are a simple and romantically beautiful addition to complete any hairstyle. 

Loose Curls:                                                                                               


Loose and curly hair is the relaxed, beautiful and romantic look for 2012.Whether your hair is long or short this feminine and elegant hairstyle will compliment any wedding dress.