Ben and Daphne - Part 2

Welcome to The Wedding of Ben and Daphne Part 2!
Part 1 was definitely amazing, but we believe that the best is definitely yet to come.
From the gorgeous traditional church with its flower laden pews and extravagant arrangements the setting was nothing less than breathtaking. Daphne's mum and grandmother walked down the aisle before her and her bridesmaids and she was glowing as she entered the church on her fathers arm. Although marrying in a Catholic Church, the couple chose not to have any music in keeping with Daphne's Greek background where music in the church ceremony is not common.
So get yourself a coffee and don't forget to grab a note pad and pen to take down details of perfect ideas for your own wedding and take a journey with Ben and Daphne through the memories of their perfect day. We hope you enjoy it. xxx

The Church

Daphne's gorgeous mum and Yia Yia

and on the arm of her proud dad

Ben's mum who passed away some years ago was beautifully honoured with a place at the bridal altar

The Photography
The Sclapsti family

The Crowhurst family

This is one of our favourite shots - Truly beautiful

At Semaphore - Adelaide, SA

 The Reception

The reception was held at John DiFede Reception Centre, Adelaide, SA

Flowers were a huge part of the day and the arrangements were spectacular

The candy buffet was an absolute hit and the all white theme was set off perfectly with just a hint of colour throughout about the only word we could think of to describe this moment!

 And they lived happily ever after....